Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Impressions

So......I thought I would ONLY blog about my passions today....Home Decor! I am starting with the first impression in every home...the Foyer/Entryway. Here are some pics of different styles that I thought were entry in my own home is at the very end. ENJOY!!

 is my entry into my home:

I hope you all had a TERRIFIC Thursday!! TGIF tomorrow!!


Please pray for my friend Shannon's dad who has cancer and has been in the hospital. Her father has throat cancer and they did trach surgery today. It went well....let's keep praying for his recovery and that his cancer will be cured.

My sweet friend and co worker Laura's brother was found dead in his home today. They are awaiting autopsy results. She lost her mother to breast cancer in October. So, as you can imagine the family is yet again devastated. Please pray that God will wrap his arms around this family and comfort them during this difficult time. My heart is breaking for her.

Praise God that my friend Linda's daughter, Hayli is well and went back to school today!! She gets to go to prom now!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I found this on one of my daily devional website and thought it was fitting for the events taking place:

Prayer for the swine flu victims

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.
~ Luke 18:1

Everyone's talking about the swine flu.

But I don't hear a lot of talk about people praying

Maybe it's time for people of faith to pray for those who have been touched by this virus.

Maybe it's time for people of faith to pray for the future. Pray for God's healing hand to stave off this scourge; pray for the regions affected by the H1N1 swine virus. Pray for the doctors, nurses and others who will help the sick and injured.

Pray that virologists, epidemiologists and other environmental health professionals, the world over, can work together to contain and minimize the effects of this virus.

Pray for the little children who will lose sleep over this; and for the teachers, parents and other care-givers who will help calm their fears.

Pray that panic and disorder won't override common sense.

Prayer changes things. Let's get busy.

ht: T.M.Cart for the idea

I know here in Texas we have all been scared by the swine flu! The town right next to ours closed the entire school district down the rest of the week! SCARY!! We are still going so far here.....TAKS testing the rest of the week for all the kiddos! I am praying we make it through without closing!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Southern Living........and our Dallas Mavericks! my all time FAVORITE magazine came yesterday....SOUTHERN LIVING! This is the one magazine that I have stayed subscribing to for years. When I was a bit younger and still learning what my "style" was, we had just built our first brand new home in a brand new neighborhood. We were the 5th house built, so we got to know our few neighbors, at the time, very well. My next door neighbor was in their home about a month before we moved in, and she had already had her house looking like a model home. She was a stay at home mom and was a little older and more experienced than I at home decor. She was so creative and was a do-it-yourself kind of girl. She could lay tile, paint, wallpaper (which was in style at the time), and sew anything. She taught me alot! And, she was the one who got me hooked on Southern Living. I get so many decorating ideas, and about every and any recipe I make is from Southern Living. It is any Southern (or Northern) girls MUST HAVE! However, if you like contemporary or modern is NOT for you. It is very traditional, which is all ME! Anyways....I got my newest issue and over the last few months I have been pondering what I want to do with my kitchen. I do not like it at all. When we bought the house, I compromised because I knew it had great bones and potential. We have beautiful, custom cabinets but they are a light oak color (not my fav!). The tile is very bland, and the countertops are awful. I have been wanting to get granite, but do not want to until I truely figure out what I want to do with the cabinets. Well....this is what I is featured in the newest issue of Southern Living:

I adore the timeless look of this is new and very functional but yet could be in a vintage, 100 year old home. I love the bright, airy feel of this kitchen! It is simple and clean! The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams "Heaven on Earth" and I love the 2 hanging pendant lights. I also love the wood counter on the island. Brant's aunt and uncle just built a gorgeous home in the Texas Hill Country and they did that on their breakfast bar. They did granite counters but the breakfast bar is a beautiful wood. Anyways....My kitchen looks nothing like this right now, but definately has the potential. I would have to have my cabinets sanded, primed,and painted. That is a little scary with perfectly nice wood cabinets....but I LOVE this look! The counters in the kitchen above has white marble counters, but I think I may go with a lighter colored granite or quartz. I will have to look. We have the same colored wood floors throughout our entire house and still have enough wood left over for the kitchen and butlers pantry. And, of coarse, the layout of my kitchen is different but this is the look and style I am going for....I think! I am going to research over the next few months, and hope to start this summer!

What do you think??? Do you think I am crazy to paint nice custom wood cabinets??

On a personal note.....I am HOME tonight! No lessons, practices, games, etc. YAY!! They were cancelled do to the State TAKS test this week for the kids. So, my kiddos got up and Daddy fixed them a great breakfast this morning. I had to be at school myself early due to the TAKS, so it was great that Brant was home to help with the kids. Both said they felt they did really well! More testing tomorrow and through Friday.

Also, our Dallas Mavericks are playing tonight against the Spurs. The series is we are hoping to get the BIG win and send the Spurs to off season. GO MAVS!! We ate an early dinner....Pork ribs, scalloped potatoes, corn bread, and salad. Talk about southern food...LOL! Reid's girlfriend, Meagan is coming over to watch the game with us. We love sports in this family and we love our Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks...and even our Texas Rangers, although I like the NY Yankees too! But tonight it is all about basketball. LET"S GO MAVS!!!!!

Have a peaceful night!!

A few prayers:
My friend Jenn's baby Jude has been doing well on his new medications and has not been having seiezures and is smiling and has gained alot of his mobile skills back. However, on her blog today she mentioned that he had a some spasms lately. So, please pray that they can adjust his medication and will stop the spasms.

My friend Linda's daughter Hayli has been sick and went back for some more tests today....please pray that she will be her healthy little self soon. She is my "Mini Me" and I adore her!

Please say a prayer for my friend Shannon's father. He is in the hospital stricken with cancer and will start treatmnts soon. Please pray that his treatments will rid him of his cancer and heal his body. And, for Shannon to stay strong to be there for her father.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

How was your weekend??

Well....nothing exciting at the Rose Home this weekend! Friday night...Volleyball practice w/ Maddie. Daddy was working and Reid went over to the Woodalls for the evening, so it was me and Maddie. After her practice, we went to Walgreens....I have been having some massive sinus headaches. I must say that Mucinex Sinus is wonderful! We also loaded up on magazines....GUILTY PLEASURE! I got my home decor mags and Maddie got a few teeny bopper ones. We got home, ate dinner, got in our jammies and climbed in my big, comfy bed and read our magazines. NICE!! Saturday, my Mom and I decided to drive out to my sister's house (1 1/2hours each way) and take her her B-day gifts and we also had to pick up a dresser that I had loaned her and a dresser that my Mom had loaned her. She was able to get a new bedroom suite for her is BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy that she finally decided that she deserved her own! I think for alot of couples, the master bedroom comes last as far as new furniture and decorating. I know when we bought the house we are in now....I decorated it right off! It is my sanctuary! I hope my sis can create one for herself too! She has started and it is looking good! Anyways....I visited with my niece and nephew, Hannah and Eli. That is always FUN! Hannah had a picture of a dog colored and cut out with my name on it. She had it ready for me when I walked in the door. I was tickled! It is going up in my office first thing tomorrow. We had my sister open her gifts and then my brother-in-law and just ME loaded up the dressers in my Suburban, while Mom and Sissy watched. (By the sister's name is Shelley, but I have called her "Sissy" every since I could speak!). After that, we headed to our wonderful family friend, Marcia's house to drop off the dresser of my Mom's. So, we chatted a bit with Marcia and her sister Linda. I adore them! I have known them since I was born, and it is always great to see them! Plus, they live in the town I grew up in, so it is always great to drive back through memory lane! Mom and I headed back on our long drive home, but decided to stop and eat at TACO BUENO! It has always been one of my favorite places to eat! I do not eat fast food often, but that sounded yummy! Plus, we had coupons and we both ate for less than $7.00! LOL! We then really headed home and made it back at about 7pm. LONG DAY!! Maddie did have a volleyball game, but her Daddy, PawPaw and Reid went to watch her. I felt I could stand to miss one game and go see my sister for once! We spent the evening in, and then at about came the gang! Reid and his friends!! 5 to be exact! They decided to hang out and watch a movie and then a few spent the night. I am sure my neighbors were wondering why there were 4 trucks parked outside my home! I am so glad they are all driving now though. They used to wear all of us Moms out toting them to all of their functions. They all started driving within months of each other, so it is nice! Anyways...My mom was here and was sweet enough to make pancakes and bacon for the boys and Maddie this morning. That is not an easy task, teenage boys can eat! ALOT! I slept in a bit, which was nice for a change. I did not sleep well last night and my back and arms were SO sore this morning from moving the furniture yesterday. It was not that heavy or difficult, I am not sure why I was so sore? We did not go to church.....Daddy was at the station, so we stayed home. But, I did read a daily devotion and read some scripture. Which uplifted me, as always! I then took Maddie to cheer practice at her competitive cheer gym. The practices are 1 1/2 hours long and closed to parents. We live about 20 minutes I decided to go to some of the great antique shops in town to kill some time. Well, only 1 was open...It is Sunday. I looked around but did not find anything that I really needed. There was a gorgeous antique armoire w/ a beautiful beveled mirror that I was eyeing....hmmm. Well, I walked away with nothing. I then headed back to get Maddie from cheer practice and then we headed back to the house to get her changed and to Basketball practice! Ahhhh.......what happened to no activities on Sundays?? Luckily, her B-ball practice is a mile form the house, so I walked her in and watched her get started. Went by the grocery store to pick up 1 stinking thing that I needed for dinner (Don't you hate to have to go all the way in for 1 thing??). I then came home and started prepping my lasagna for dinner, and also managed to squeeze in a load of laundry. Then, back to the gym to pick Maddie up and back home to finish making dinner. We had lasagna, salad, and bread. Well, after all of that prepping.......only Maddie and I ate! Reid had been at the Woodalls since about 4pm and then called and said they invited him to go to dinner. Of coarse, I let him go. Mom and Dad were here, but had went out to eat and had a late lunch, so they were not hungry. Brant was at the station. So, again it was just my sweet Maddie and I eating together tonight. I enjoy having one on one time with her though. Reid got home around 9pm tonight, and when I asked where they ate, guess where.....The Olive Garden! Really?? So, the good news is......I have a TON of leftover lasagna, and the Rose Family is eating it tomorrow night. Every one of them! LOL!

Well....enough of my non-exciting weekend!!!

Here are some pics I can share from today:

Our sweet Zoe...she loves to go in the front yard every chance she gets and sits in the grass and just watch everyone go by!

My favorite benches on my front porch and my potted ferns!

Our home!! The St. Augustine is getting greener everyday! We need some more rain!

I love our huge front porch. When we first moved here last year, Brant and I would just sit out here at night and we could not believe how peaceful and quiet it is here.

Our yard is still in progress. We are hoping to start a new project. It will be a black limestone walkway going up to our front porch.

Well.....I hope you all have a great week!!


Can we get the Blue Law back please??

I am kidding....I know there is no going back!! But.....When I was a little girl, I remember that Sundays we got up and went to church and then came home to a Pot Roast w/potatoes and carrots, and Peach cobbler that my mom had put in the oven to cook while we were at church. We came home, ate our yummy meal and then spent the afternoon playing, relaxing, etc., and then back to church for the evening service. I remember that only a few restaurants and NO shopping malls and stores were open back then on Sundays. I remember only the 5 and dime store in town was open(Does anyone remember M.E. Moses?)on Sunday. But....I remember that we could only purchase certain things. NO toys!! LOL! For the longest I thought my Daddy just told me that....but it was true. Remember the "Blue Law". It was designed to enforce religious standards, particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest, and a restriction on Sunday shopping. It was lifted in Texas in 1985. Although, as a teenager and young adult I was happy that it was lifted. I could go SHOPPING! But, now that I am "older" and "wiser", I understand what it really was set up to do. Our society has changed immensely since 1985. Now, all of the malls are open, every retail store you can dream of is open, bars and restaurants, and so on and so on. Rather than going to church and spending time with family and at home, many of us go shopping and out to eat. Don't get me wrong....I LOVE to shop and go to a great restaurant and I am out there with everyone else on Sundays. does make you think, huh? How times have changed and why? It is a proven fact, that the morals and vaalues that this country had when I was a kid have deminished. There are still more wonderful, moral people than not, but we have become a very greedy, materialistic and shallow society. Again, I am not talking about EVERYONE, but our society as a whole. We took away the Blue Law, took prayer out of school, took prayer out of games and other public events, and they have even tried to remove "God" from the pledge of allegience! And we wonder why our society has changed?? There is the answer....only in my opinion. Do not get me wrong!! There are so many WONDERFUL, AWESOME, POSITIVE people doing great things in this country also, and that is usually what I see and focus on. I see myself as a religious person. I try and walk each day in faith, but I make mistakes along the way. We all do! I slip a curse word now and again, I drink wine occasionally, and I tell a little white lie sometimes. Come on know we all do! But, I do try and read scripture daily and have God in my heart on a daily basis. It just uplifts me and gets me through the day and keeps me the positive person that I (on most days)am. I do not judge others for whatever religion they choose to be. I respect everyone's choices and opinions. I feel that is part of being a true Christian. But....going back to Sundays. Now that my kiddos are older and time is passing me by, I want every day to mean something and have purpose. does not happen everyday! Actually, on Sundays Maddie has cheer practice at 3pm and Basketball practice at 5pm. And, since her 1 1/2 hour cheer practice is closed to parents...where am I going?? SHOPPING!! It is the way of the world I guess, and we go along with it. But, I shouldn't! This just started (with Maddie's practices being on Sunday), and I guess it makes me a bit irritated! I guess, I started on this rant because I miss the Sundays when I was a little girl and that Sunday was a day for everyone to reflect that it was the Lord's day and it was just a day that we spent at home and with family. Of coarse, we can all still do that and many of us do! I guess we are doing okay.....we at least get half the day at the Rose Home on Sundays!

Have a blessed day.....and I will update my blog tonight with happenings from the weekend!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Have any of you checked this magazine out? I can't imagine anything better than Spring fresh ideas & recipes, craft projects, and floral design tips, all along with Bible-based teaching & advice.“Life:Beautiful recognizes the Christian woman’s desire to live everyday with passion and purpose,” Wanda Ventling, editor Life:Beautiful. “Faith isn’t just for Sunday mornings—it’s a lifestyle choice that when woven into the fabric of daily life impacts a person’s outlook, plans, purpose, decisions, home, health, relationships, success, and legacy,” Wanda Ventling, editor Life:Beautiful. “Living a beautiful life is experienced when we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then find God’s purpose and plan for our lives. Nurturing families and friends, offering hospitality, caring for our bodies, and feeding our spirit is part of the journey,” Wanda Ventling, editor Life:Beautiful.

I saw the magazine at Barnes and Nobles and the cover photo alone caught my eye and then the name...."Life:Beautiful". Sounds pretty! Then as I read "Faith For Your Journey" above the title, I was intrigued. I flipped through the pages of beautiful things and every other page had beautiful scripture. You know how sometimes you go to church and hear the pastor's sermon and you feel like he is speaking to you as if he knows what you are going through, well that is how the scripture spoke to me! I bought it and got home and waited until I had a quiet moment (at bedtime of coarse!) and looked through the beautiful pages and read the articles that inspired and uplifted me. I have already subscribed! The only downer is that they only have quarterly issues....BUMMER! But, maybe if enough of us subscribe, it can become a monthly issue! I strongly encourage you to check it out at your local book store....I even saw it in the magazine section at Wal Mart!

I hope you pick up a copy and ENJOY!!

Well tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait to spend the weekend with my family!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weather....Plants.....Laundry......Cookies.....can you say A.D.D??

Another amazingly beautiful day in TEXAS! I LOVE Spring! Can you believe in Graham, Tx, today it was 101 degrees! I am not ready for 100 degree weather quite yet! Okay...well, I am not ready for it at all!

Speaking of weather.....for Spring Break we went to New York City for 10 days! It was AMAZING and I am definately a city girl at heart! It was beautiful weather the majority of the time that we were there. But, it was still pretty chilly there. we had to wear coats every day, it even snowed one day. So, when we returned to Texas, the weather was WARM and beautiful! YAY for Spring! So....I decided it was time to plant my spring flowers and plants. I planted 12 new hydrangeas and about 30 geraniums in our front yard. I worked all day planting them....I thought that we were past the point where it would get too cold. Well, 2 days later what does it do??? It gets to FREEZING temperatures! Grrrr.......! My plants did not look good at all! Then, it got warm again and they started looking better. But.....a few days later it is FREEZING again!! Grrrrrr......this crazy Texas weather! My plants were really looking bad at that point! I had saved all of my receipts, gotta love Lowe's and Home Depot for giving your money back for dead plants! But, I was not looking forward to having to plant them all over again! So...I waited and waited and waited and now that it is consistently warmer and we have gotten some rain, I think they are going to be okay! I will try and take some pics soon to show my hard work! LOL!Plus, Brant planted 4 new trees in the front yard and has planted 6 trees and several Forsythias down our fence line in the back. We went on a trip to Eureka Springs 4 years ago, and all of the Forsythias were in bloom and I feel in love with them! Here is a pic of the kids (gosh, they look so small) in front of one:

Here is what ours look like now. Of coarse, they are small but will grow a bit and have beautiful bright blooms next year! Brant planted 3 Trees and about 6 Forsythias down the fence line.

I will post some pics of my front flowers when I have the time to take some!

Okay....well enough about the weather!

So, after school I was able to go by Parks Produce. It is a local produce shop here in town owned by this great man, Mr. Parks! He has great, fresh produce and plants. He also has the BEST hot sauce in the world! We go by there once a week to buy it! I then went home to see my brand new LG Front Load W/D!! Brant got a great deal and could not pass it up! Plus, the dryer is gas, so it is much more energy efficient. While he was working in getting the old out and the new in, I ran Maddie to her tumbling class. I dropped her off, ran to the grocery store, and made it back to watch the last half of her class. It is amazing to see all those girls flip and fly! Anyways, we headed back home after tumbling, and ate dinner. We were able to squeeze in some time to watch American Idol, and then got the kids to bed. I cleaned the kitchen, help Brant get the laundry room back in order and then baked 6 dozen cookies for Maddie's school Bar-B-Q dinner fundraiser tomorrow night. Then, had to package the cookies into bags of 2 each. They turned out great, but I always wonder why I can't just go and buy already made cookies?? It is so much why? I guess it just feels a bit more gratifying to bake your own! To be honest, it just makes me feel like a better Mommy for doing it, I guess. Hmmm...... my brain is racing about my new W/D and laundry room! Don't you just love these:

I do not have such a large laundry room : ( That is the one thing I would change and did not really like about this house. But, I found a website that custom builds laundry rooms. I want something resembling this. But, probably antiqued white cabinetry instead. Of coarse, the pic of this laundry room is messy. You would think they would have cleaned it up a bit before taking this pic. Hello!!! But, I really like the built in pedestals and cabinetry built around it. It is a nice use of space!

Well.....another busy but productive day in The Rose Home!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 was a BEAUTIFUL day in Texas! Warm and SUNNY! Praise the Lord! I woke up and went to the school and literally felt like I had the FLU! I was aching so bad....and my face and head were hurting. Finally, the 4 Advil I took kicked in and I was fine! I hate to admit it....but my Mom is right, I need more rest! I go, go, go, and I get about 5 to 6 hours of sleep and it catches up to me eventually! Plus....I have not drank my BOOST in the morning like I normally do. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and does help me feel better! I must get back to that! more whining!

Well, Maddie did not have any activities today...for once, so it was all about Reid tonight. 7 on 7 football has started! YAY!! Our high school has a new head coach and several new coaches on the staff! The town is SUPER excited about them and our upcoming season and we are premiering our new multi million dollar, state of the art stadium!! It is going to be an exciting football season! Our new coach came from Austin Lake Travis and turned a 2-9 team into back to back State Champions in a year! I can see why....we have seen so many positive changes in these boys. They have always had the athletic ability, but really lacked teamwork and believing in themselves. It is so great to see them all supporting and building each other up instead of blaming one another when they make mistakes. The comradery and belief in each other is AMAZING! I can't wait to see what happens for them this season! Reid was a starter on Varsity last season as the only Sophomore, and he is the only returning starter that will not be a senior this upcoming season. I still can't believe my baby will be a junior next year....time flies! He has an amazing future in football and I can not wait to see what is in store for him. I just pray that the Lord watches over him and keeps him healthy and injury free. I will take pictures next week during 7 on 7 to post. And, Spring football starts in a week and a half....Reid can't wait to wear pads and get to actually hit! I know that sounds barbaric....but come on, this is TEXAS high school football! "Hit Somebody!" is what they all yell....right? I am excited....I love watching my kids play sports!! I am already designing my MOM jersey for the upcoming season and it will be blinged out people!! LOL!

Okay....on to my passion. DECORATING!! So, after only a year after decorating my dining and family rooms...I am redecorating. I am just so over RED! I love red, don't get me wrong, and will still use some reds, but I am ready for something different. My last home, we had a TON of natural light and it was very bright. But, in this home we have a lot of windows, but the family room windows have solar screens on them, due to the West sun in the late afternoon, plus they are off our large covered back porch. So, we do not get a ton of light in there. On top of that, we have really dark hardwood floors. So, I just want lighter, airy colors. I love french country, shabby chic, and the coastal look. So, it will be a little mix of all. I plan on getting nice down feathered sofa and 2 big comfy club chairs and ottoman. Here is the style I am looking at:

I know it is light....but it is also slipcovered and can be washed. But, I want something light in tone.

Here are my fabric and color scheme for my throw pillows, panels, etc.

Not sure when I am going to have the time to start....but summer is ONLY 5 weeks away!! YAY!!


For my Mother, who is looking for a job. She is really getting down lately. She is bored and I know it will really help her to get out and stay a bit busier. I know the Lord will lead her to her true calling and where she needs to be.

For my friend, Shannon's father. He has cancer. I pray that the Lord will help them through this difficult time and heal him.

For a teacher at our school, Jill Brown. her father in law passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack. I know they are a family of faith and that the Lord will wrap his arms around them during this difficult time.

For Baby Jude....for the continued success of his medications to help control his seizures. It is so sweet to see the pics of him smiling now! Praise God!

***ON ANOTHER hubbie would like to inform you all that not only did he plant 4 new trees, he actually planted 6 on Sunday! I will post pictures of all his hard work this weekend!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Well...I had my typical exhausting Monday!! So, instead of writing about the same ole' stuff (running kids to lessons, etc.) I decided I would share my design inspiration. I LOVE the movie "Somethings Gotta Give" w/ Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson..and I LOVE the house in the movie that is in the Hamptons!! It has that coastal cottage feel. I am about to redo my Family Room/Kitchen and Dining area and this is the look I want to go for. It is soooo calm and relaxing yet inviting.


Hope your day was BLESSED.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well.....we had a great weekend. On Saturday I woke up so thankful that cheer tryouts were over! YAY! We were able to sleep in until about 9am, and then I had to get up and go to my hair appt. I was a bit late because ....guess what?? I had to go through Starbucks!! I have a new hairdresser who is just a doll and she did a great job on my hair and color!! I then went straight to a Baby Shower. It was for my friend Kristin who is having a boy and is ecstatic after having 2 girls. It was a beautiful shower thrown by my friend Deana...who has a beautiful home and is a great hostess. It was fun chatting with the girls....and having yummy food! Then off to Maddie's volleyball game....they won! Then, back home to have a relaxing evening....NOT! Reid decided to have about 5 boys over....which is just fine with me actually. For some reason our home is always the gathering place. They are a great group of boys. We ordered 2 giant pizzas from Napoli's and they played ROCK BAND! I am so thankful that Reid has chosen a great group of friends to spend his time with. They all have the same morals and values as Reid and the same goals. They all have great parents that we all keep in close contact with and know well. They are all athletes, but they are also great students and leaders. We could not have hoped for better friends for Reid. I am so blessed to have such an easy and just all around great teenager! Everyone in town seems to know my kid....he has become quite the outgoing young man. And everywhere I go, it seems someone stops me to tell me something good about him. I can not tell you how proud of him I am! He has HUGE things ahead of him and I can not wait to see what they are!

Back to my Reid went to the Ranger game with his girlfriend Meagan and her family. So, he spent the day with the Woodalls. My mom and dad went with me to drop Maddie off at the gym for cheer practice. After that, we went looking for houses. The town is full of old, historic homes. There is one neighborhood where the street are lined with huge, old trees and all of the homes are old, historic homes. Just a precious neighborhood! We found 3 very nice homes. One was a tudor style home. It had wood floors throughout, beautiful and original moldings, and had so much character. It was walking distance to the town square and walking trails along the river that runs through the town. The 2nd home was in the same neighborhood and was a 1920's style bungalow. It had so much charm! It needs some work, but has so much character and potential. The 3rd home is an old home also. We have not seen the inside yet, but plan on meeting tomorrow to see it. So, we shall see. It was my least favorite, but had potential. Maybe the inside will surprise me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old houses.....and have always wanted to live in an old historic home. So, I hope my parents can get one, so that I can get my chance to help decorate an old house with tons of charm and character! I love looking at homes.....and seeing the potential that they have. It is so fun making a house your own! When we were looking at homes, when we bought this one, I fell in love with the outside of the house. It had a ton of charm and had that traditional feel that I always wanted. It had the front porch and big colomns all the way across the front and the cute dormor windows. It was the charmimg Southern home I always wanted.....until we went inside. The floorplan was great.....however, it had stark white walls throughout, beige carpet, it had a ton of windows, but they were covered with dark navy blue drapes. It was not really decorated which did not make it appealing. But, I saw so much potential. It had so many great features! So, we bought it....the very first thing I did when we got the keys was rip every blind and drape down off the windows and let the light in! That made a huge difference right off! Then, we ripped the ugly carpet out and put wide planked, hand carved hardwood floors thoughout the entire house. We painted the entire house...every single room and wall. We changed all of the light fixtures and then I started decorating! Our house was only 7 years old when we bought it, but it was not living up to it's potential. Now, some of the neighbors that had seen it before we moved in, come in and say it looks like a completely different house! I LOVE my home and we love our neighborhood! I hope that we can find my parents a home and neighborhood that they love just as much!

Here are some pics of the styles of homes of the 3 houses we looked at today. These are not the actual homes....but to give an idea. They are so charming!

While, my parents and I were out looking at homes, Brant stayed home and planted 4 new trees around the back of our home. We have planted 12 new trees since we have moved here a year and a half ago. I know that sounds extreme but we have an acre of land, and it was pretty bare. So, Brant worked hard today in the yard. He was sweet to grill some steaks and we also grilled some asparagus (which I have never done) and I made some hallandaise sauce to go over it, plus we had baked potatoes. I also cut up some fresh strawberries and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert. About 2 months ago, I decided that I wanted a new dining room table for my dining room. So, I bought one....I loved my existing table, but wanted a different style. So, I decided to move my perfectly nice dining room table to our back patio. It is very tuscan, old world style. My friend and hubbie thought I was crazy to move it outside. We have a very large built on covered porch and when it rains it does not get wet at I knew it would be fine. And....hey, the weathered look is in, so if it does get a bit weathered it will add character! Well, I LOVE it out there, and we eat out there all the time now. We ate out there tonight and had a great dinner with my parents. So, it has really become another living space out there. I will have to post some pictures soon.

Well, it is another BUSY week ahead for the Roses.....and I am single mom alot this week.

Monday: Volleyball and Cheer practice (Daddy gone)
Tuesday: 7 on 7 Football
Wednesday: Tumbling
Thursday: Basketball Practice (Daddy gone)
Friday: FREE!! (Daddy gone)
Saturday: Volleyball
Sunday: Cheer and Basketball (Daddy gone)

Busy....but blessed!! Have a great week~



My thoughts as a SUPER busy mom.....

Lord, so often I run ahead of You. Please help me to walk with You, listening for Your voice with each step. In Jesus' name, Amen.

I will update more this evening.....have a blessed day!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome to Texas.......


Okay....well, I know I did not mention it but Maddie had cheer tryouts for middle school all last week. I did not mention it due to the fact that I was super nervous for her! It is so hard having someone else "judge" your child. She is talented and I knew she had what it takes, but you always worry when it is someone else's opinion. There was so much know cheerleading! There were rumors flying about how some of the girls knew the cheer and dance weeks before and how political it is, etc. etc. Alot of people were also mad because in years past they have always picked ten 7th grade and ten 8th grade cheerleaders. Well, this year they decided to only have 6 per grade. Well, we have 5 Elementary schools that feed into our only middle school, so the chances were very slim. There were 47 girls in Maddie's grade trying out and they were only picking 6?? WOW....I was nervous! But, Maddie was confident throughout the whole process, in which I was happy about. However, I did not want her to be disappointed if she did not make it. She practiced all week so hard and tryouts were Friday. Of coarse, parents can not watch any of the practices or tryouts, so I had no idea what to expect. I know Maddie is a great cheerleader and is a great dancer and an even amazing tumbler....but natrually you worry! The night before tryouts I spoke with Maddie and I told her to pray that God would give her the ability to do her best and that whatever happens is in God's plan for her. Maddie was pretty confident! They had to draw numbers for tryouts and Maddie drew #3! They tried out in groups of 3's, so she was in the very first group!! After her tryout, she came out and was so happy with herself. She said she NAILED it! Again...she was super confident! I was so happy with the fact that she came out knowing she did her best and did well! There were many girls that came out upset because they made a mistake, etc. So, I was so thankful that Maddie was pleased with herself. But again, I was nervous!!! I was a cheerleader all through middle school and high school and I loved it! Maddie also loves to cheer, she is just a natural! I knew she had a great chance but of coarse you worry in the back of your mind, if it completely fair. (I think I was listening to all of those rumors too much!!). After everyone was done trying out.....of coarse they had callbacks. Maddie did not get called back...which was good! Usually, those are the girls on the is make it or break it time. Talk about pressure.....poor girls! Well, finally we just waited and waited and waited and then they posted the results on the window. I could not even go close to that. I let Maddie go with all the other anxious girls and look. The minute I saw her face coming down the walkway...I knew she MADE IT!! She had the most precious, gratifying look on her sweet and PROUD face! It just makes you melt as a mother! A huge weight was lifting off my heart....but my heart ached however for all of those other disappointed girls. That is what I feared for my own and it was so difficult to see them upset. Maddie was the only one from her elementary school to make it, so it was hard for she and I to be happy when her friends were disappointed. But, they were so sweet and genuinely happy for Maddie. Of coarse....we did have our hugging and celebratory high five moment and I had some teary eyes filled with pride for my baby girl! She NEVER doubted herself!

I was equally excited for our neighbor across the street, Kendal. She is a grade older than Maddie and tried out last year and did not make it. She decided at the last minute to tryout again even though they were cutting existing spots. She practiced with Maddie all week. Reid's girlfriend, Meagan who is a varsity cheerleader worked with Maddie and all of her friends. They all worked so hard. Kendal has a hard time with her confidence and her mom is always concerned with that. We knew she had the ability but lacked the confidence in herself. I think her parents were convinced that she would be disappointed again this year. Well, the day of tryouts Kendal came out and said she messed up and was a little disapppointed. But, she got called back and after that she said she did MUCH better! Well.....Kendall made it! I cried more when she made it than when Maddie did. I was so proud of her...I tried all week to pump her up and make her realize that she is truely deserving! I made her Mom cry too!!! LOL! So, it was a joy to get to share the excitement with them!

It was such a trying week.....I was so worried and stressed. The last thing you ever want as a Mom is to see your child hurt and dissappointed. But, I kept praying and I knew that whatever happened was in God's plan and purpose for Maddie.

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." ROMANS 8:28 (NLT)

I am just so proud of my sweet Maddie and I have to add this little tid bit: There was another girl there who did not come very prepared and she did not have a parent there like most of the girls. She was embarrassed over her shorts, so my sweet Maddie offered her her shorts. So, after Maddie tried out, she ran back in the "holding room" and changed shorts with the other girl so that she could have them on to try out in. I was so proud of her for being so thoughtful. There are alot of girls that would not have offered any help to the so called "competition". She is truely a blessing not only to me.....but to others!

Ohhh and one more thing! I asked Reid the night before Maddie's tryouts to just go and give her a little "pep talk". This is how it went......"Maddie, you are gonna make it. You are a ROSE....that's what we do!" Enough said........................