Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weather....Plants.....Laundry......Cookies.....can you say A.D.D??

Another amazingly beautiful day in TEXAS! I LOVE Spring! Can you believe in Graham, Tx, today it was 101 degrees! I am not ready for 100 degree weather quite yet! Okay...well, I am not ready for it at all!

Speaking of weather.....for Spring Break we went to New York City for 10 days! It was AMAZING and I am definately a city girl at heart! It was beautiful weather the majority of the time that we were there. But, it was still pretty chilly there. we had to wear coats every day, it even snowed one day. So, when we returned to Texas, the weather was WARM and beautiful! YAY for Spring! So....I decided it was time to plant my spring flowers and plants. I planted 12 new hydrangeas and about 30 geraniums in our front yard. I worked all day planting them....I thought that we were past the point where it would get too cold. Well, 2 days later what does it do??? It gets to FREEZING temperatures! Grrrr.......! My plants did not look good at all! Then, it got warm again and they started looking better. But.....a few days later it is FREEZING again!! Grrrrrr......this crazy Texas weather! My plants were really looking bad at that point! I had saved all of my receipts, gotta love Lowe's and Home Depot for giving your money back for dead plants! But, I was not looking forward to having to plant them all over again! So...I waited and waited and waited and now that it is consistently warmer and we have gotten some rain, I think they are going to be okay! I will try and take some pics soon to show my hard work! LOL!Plus, Brant planted 4 new trees in the front yard and has planted 6 trees and several Forsythias down our fence line in the back. We went on a trip to Eureka Springs 4 years ago, and all of the Forsythias were in bloom and I feel in love with them! Here is a pic of the kids (gosh, they look so small) in front of one:

Here is what ours look like now. Of coarse, they are small but will grow a bit and have beautiful bright blooms next year! Brant planted 3 Trees and about 6 Forsythias down the fence line.

I will post some pics of my front flowers when I have the time to take some!

Okay....well enough about the weather!

So, after school I was able to go by Parks Produce. It is a local produce shop here in town owned by this great man, Mr. Parks! He has great, fresh produce and plants. He also has the BEST hot sauce in the world! We go by there once a week to buy it! I then went home to see my brand new LG Front Load W/D!! Brant got a great deal and could not pass it up! Plus, the dryer is gas, so it is much more energy efficient. While he was working in getting the old out and the new in, I ran Maddie to her tumbling class. I dropped her off, ran to the grocery store, and made it back to watch the last half of her class. It is amazing to see all those girls flip and fly! Anyways, we headed back home after tumbling, and ate dinner. We were able to squeeze in some time to watch American Idol, and then got the kids to bed. I cleaned the kitchen, help Brant get the laundry room back in order and then baked 6 dozen cookies for Maddie's school Bar-B-Q dinner fundraiser tomorrow night. Then, had to package the cookies into bags of 2 each. They turned out great, but I always wonder why I can't just go and buy already made cookies?? It is so much why? I guess it just feels a bit more gratifying to bake your own! To be honest, it just makes me feel like a better Mommy for doing it, I guess. Hmmm...... my brain is racing about my new W/D and laundry room! Don't you just love these:

I do not have such a large laundry room : ( That is the one thing I would change and did not really like about this house. But, I found a website that custom builds laundry rooms. I want something resembling this. But, probably antiqued white cabinetry instead. Of coarse, the pic of this laundry room is messy. You would think they would have cleaned it up a bit before taking this pic. Hello!!! But, I really like the built in pedestals and cabinetry built around it. It is a nice use of space!

Well.....another busy but productive day in The Rose Home!


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