Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can we get the Blue Law back please??

I am kidding....I know there is no going back!! But.....When I was a little girl, I remember that Sundays we got up and went to church and then came home to a Pot Roast w/potatoes and carrots, and Peach cobbler that my mom had put in the oven to cook while we were at church. We came home, ate our yummy meal and then spent the afternoon playing, relaxing, etc., and then back to church for the evening service. I remember that only a few restaurants and NO shopping malls and stores were open back then on Sundays. I remember only the 5 and dime store in town was open(Does anyone remember M.E. Moses?)on Sunday. But....I remember that we could only purchase certain things. NO toys!! LOL! For the longest I thought my Daddy just told me that....but it was true. Remember the "Blue Law". It was designed to enforce religious standards, particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest, and a restriction on Sunday shopping. It was lifted in Texas in 1985. Although, as a teenager and young adult I was happy that it was lifted. I could go SHOPPING! But, now that I am "older" and "wiser", I understand what it really was set up to do. Our society has changed immensely since 1985. Now, all of the malls are open, every retail store you can dream of is open, bars and restaurants, and so on and so on. Rather than going to church and spending time with family and at home, many of us go shopping and out to eat. Don't get me wrong....I LOVE to shop and go to a great restaurant and I am out there with everyone else on Sundays. does make you think, huh? How times have changed and why? It is a proven fact, that the morals and vaalues that this country had when I was a kid have deminished. There are still more wonderful, moral people than not, but we have become a very greedy, materialistic and shallow society. Again, I am not talking about EVERYONE, but our society as a whole. We took away the Blue Law, took prayer out of school, took prayer out of games and other public events, and they have even tried to remove "God" from the pledge of allegience! And we wonder why our society has changed?? There is the answer....only in my opinion. Do not get me wrong!! There are so many WONDERFUL, AWESOME, POSITIVE people doing great things in this country also, and that is usually what I see and focus on. I see myself as a religious person. I try and walk each day in faith, but I make mistakes along the way. We all do! I slip a curse word now and again, I drink wine occasionally, and I tell a little white lie sometimes. Come on know we all do! But, I do try and read scripture daily and have God in my heart on a daily basis. It just uplifts me and gets me through the day and keeps me the positive person that I (on most days)am. I do not judge others for whatever religion they choose to be. I respect everyone's choices and opinions. I feel that is part of being a true Christian. But....going back to Sundays. Now that my kiddos are older and time is passing me by, I want every day to mean something and have purpose. does not happen everyday! Actually, on Sundays Maddie has cheer practice at 3pm and Basketball practice at 5pm. And, since her 1 1/2 hour cheer practice is closed to parents...where am I going?? SHOPPING!! It is the way of the world I guess, and we go along with it. But, I shouldn't! This just started (with Maddie's practices being on Sunday), and I guess it makes me a bit irritated! I guess, I started on this rant because I miss the Sundays when I was a little girl and that Sunday was a day for everyone to reflect that it was the Lord's day and it was just a day that we spent at home and with family. Of coarse, we can all still do that and many of us do! I guess we are doing okay.....we at least get half the day at the Rose Home on Sundays!

Have a blessed day.....and I will update my blog tonight with happenings from the weekend!


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