Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Impressions

So......I thought I would ONLY blog about my passions today....Home Decor! I am starting with the first impression in every home...the Foyer/Entryway. Here are some pics of different styles that I thought were entry in my own home is at the very end. ENJOY!!

 is my entry into my home:

I hope you all had a TERRIFIC Thursday!! TGIF tomorrow!!


Please pray for my friend Shannon's dad who has cancer and has been in the hospital. Her father has throat cancer and they did trach surgery today. It went well....let's keep praying for his recovery and that his cancer will be cured.

My sweet friend and co worker Laura's brother was found dead in his home today. They are awaiting autopsy results. She lost her mother to breast cancer in October. So, as you can imagine the family is yet again devastated. Please pray that God will wrap his arms around this family and comfort them during this difficult time. My heart is breaking for her.

Praise God that my friend Linda's daughter, Hayli is well and went back to school today!! She gets to go to prom now!!


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  1. beautiful pics.
    and my prayers are there....