Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Good" Friday?

Well, yesterday was a VERY relaxing and "GOOD" Friday in the Rose home. We all did absolutely NOTHING! The kids had no games, practices, or lessons and we were all home together. I did take the time and organize my bedroom and closet, but other than that....I relaxed and that is a rare thing! Oh....and I did spend some time setting up this blog! We have so many friends that I used to send out a monthly email/newsletter updating everyone on what was gong on with the Rose kids and our family. Those were the days when the kids were less busy and I was home full time. Gone are those days! So, I have had several people say that they have misssed me doing that. I have several friends that have blogs and I thought as busy as we are and as hard as it is to see everyone as often as we would like, I can be a BLOGGER! So...Taa-Dah! Here it is! Anyways, Reid was not home (as usual with a teenager), he went to Six Flags with his precious girlfrend, Meagan and her parents and little sister. So, he was gone all day and evening. But, Maddie spent the day at the house with us and the subject came up about Good Friday. I wanted to remind Maddie of what the day was and meant to us. She remembered and knew, however she did ask me a really good question, that in all my years I had never really pondered. "Why do they call it GOOD FRIDAY when that is the day Jesus was killed? Wow....great question. What is good about that???? I thought very quickly on how to answer her. "Good" Friday? Well......Yes, it is good. It is good that God provided the way of salvation for you and me through the death, burial and resurrection of His only Son. What a blessing! It is good!! She understood actually.....she is 12 now and has always been very inquisitive! Mom & Dad were here and Maddie spent the day playing and aggravating her Paw Paw....he is always a good sport! He makes her laugh! We all later went to dinner and had some YUMMY Mexican food! Other than that.....that is all we did yesterday! It was WONDERFUL! But, we are back to being a tad bit busy today. Maddie has Basketball practice at noon (Dad duty)and then a Volleyball game at 4:00. So, I am going to try and go into Fort Worth to look at fabrics in between....yes, I am re-doing my Family room again! Love to change and decorate! You know me : ) !!

I hope everyone has a beautiful day!! I hope to get more photos up soon!


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