Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!! Today we stayed home and had family over. We did not go to church this Easter....we have yet to find a home church since we moved out here, and I did not want to be one of those people that showed up at a church as a visitor on Easter Sunday. Reid went to church with his precious girlfriend, Meagan and her family. The first thing he said when he got home was ..." I really miss being involved in church!". First off I was proud that he said that, second of all....I feel guilty for us not having a home church yet!! We LOVE church and have a strong faith, and we have not been going. Once you have attended a great church that you is so hard to find something that compares. So, that is my goal over the next few find a church here!
So, we had my sister and her hubbie and her kids Hanna And Elijah over along with my parents and Brant's parents. Brant smoked a brisket and I cooked all of the side dishes. I decided to try and cook 2 new recipes...don't even laugh! Of coarse, as I have my new recipe in the oven....guess what happens?? I went on the back patio to talk...and talk...and talk with my guests...and I over cooked the potatoes!! They were still good though....I guess. But, overall we had great lunch!
After lunch, Maddie was in charge of the Egg Hunt! Since she thinks she is "too big" for hunt eggs now, she wanted to hide them and help her little cousins. She did a great job and I enjoyed watching Hannah and Eli hunt for eggs. I am sad that my kids are too big now.....although the Easter Bunny left Easter Baskets for them this morning. Reid's girlfriend Meagan came over and she and Reid and Brant played Rock Band during the Easter hunt festivities. That's my boys!! LOL! We had a great and relaxing Easter with our loved ones.....what a blessing!

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