Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So as I have mentioned and for anyone that knows me well....I LOVE my home and I love to decorate my home. I feel your home is a true reflexion of who you are, your style and your personality. My home is a true "Southern" home, very traditional and warm and inviting. I mix it up with new and old. I love heirlooms and antiques, but I also like new and classic things. Most importantly I fill my home with meaningful things that I love.......! I feel that my personality reflects the same......I am a pretty warm and genuine person, I am a pure traditonalist, I try and always surround myself with positive people that I truely enjoy being with, but I do have my flaws....as does my home! I take true PRIDE in my home by decorating it and filling it with pretty things, but I also take PRIDE in myself, striving to live a life with purpose, being a thoughtful human being, and trying to look good physically too while I am at it....Ha Ha!

What is your home style??? Think about how similar your home and your fashion style and personality are and how they all seem to be very similar. The realization that I have come to is....I am always trying to better my home by doing projects and upgrading things, but I think in the end I am also working on bettering myself and inner beauty through doing these projects. I think it is true therapy for me...........I LOVE being inspired! What inspires you??

The picture above features one of the truely meaningful things that I had to find a place for in my home. This is a bird's nest that we found in a hanging fern on our front porch. After the "momma bird" left the nest my Maddie wanted to keep it. The eggs are actually hatched eggs!! I thought this added some character and was a sign of God's beautiful creations!

For my Maddie.....just to give her confidence and strength in herself this week!
For Leigh Cochran (my principal's mom).....for her health to improve and to be released from the hospital.
For my Mom....to find a job.
My hubbie......he is working tonight. I always say a prayer when he is away from us.



  1. Hello!
    I´m a girl from Sweden,and i´m not very good at writing in english, but i really like to read your blog. It´s inspiring.... I feel joy!
    I look into your blog again another day.
    With Love

  2. It´s me again....feel free to look into my blog.