Monday, April 13, 2009

Just another Manic Monday......'s Monday! Back to our craaaaazy busy (but blessed) life!! Nothing very exciting....but I had that Bangles song in my head all day after hearing it on the news this morning! Awww.......I loved that song in the 80's and I loved the Bangles too!

Well, Maddie had Middle School Cheer from 5-7 and then off to Competitive Cheer from 7:30-9:00. I was able to make her a homemade grill cheese sandwich and apple slices to eat on the road in between...geesh! But, I refuse to do fast food! We are a busy family with overscheduled kids.....but we try and not eat out during the week. We do not get to have very many family meals together during the week though. Brant and I are usually split between the kids and feed them before, after or in between their activities. But, we also manaage to have some dinners together hey! Now, that Reid is driving it is MUCH easier though, we are not running around as much. I wll be glad when Maddie is in middle school next year and all her practices are during school hours and her games will be early during the week. It will be much better!! Right now she is balancing Basketball, Volleyball and Cheer. We usually only let her do 1 maybe 2 things at a time, but her Basketball season ended and her select team decided to keep playing in tournaments and in the meantime we had already signed her up to play volleyball. So, she begged to do both. She seems to be handling them well and still making A Honor Roll. Usually this time of year she starts Softball, which is her very BEST sport. But, she decided she not to play (which made me sad) and she wanted to focus on Volleyball and Basketball this spring to get ready for tryouts in Middle school. They do not have softball in middle school. So, I agree that is a good idea. She is a go-getter......I wonder where she gets that from?? She did not have a chance with Brant and I for parents! LOL!

On the other hand, for once in his life.....Reid has NOTHING but 7 on 7 football right now in which they practice before school and during 1st period, so he is home early every day and only has games on Tuesdays right now. After basketball ended in Feb., he went straight into track. However, his leg has been hurting him since basketbaall and it was not getting better and track was making it worse. He saw the school trainer for a month and it was not helping, so we took him to the doctor. It turns out he has a slight tear in his Quad muscle. The only way to heal it is to stay off of it!! That is hard for Reid! So, he is out of track after only 3 meets. He was bummed....he loves track and does very well. But, he is only a Sophomore and has 2 more years. He wanted to try and come back to run the district meet but his football coach said NO! They do not want him reinjuring it and missing Spring ball. But, he is playing 7 on 7. "Why is it he can not run track but play 7 on 7??" you ask.......Well, me (MOM) asked the same thing too of my hubbie, the trainer, and his coach. Apparently, in track he is stretching it more by striding and sprinting and it causes him pain. And....running in football does not??? Hmmm.......okay! Anyways, I know his coach and his Dad would not jeopardize his health, so I trust them 100%, but as a Mom I have to ask questions....right??

Okay....enough about my busy kids!

So....a few Saturdays ago, it was a beautiful afternoon and we had the day free of kids games, etc. So, Brant and I took my Mom and Dad, the kids and Reid's precious girlfriend Meagan to Granbury. They have some of the most charming boutiques and shops. I love going to towns and shopping and unique stores! Everytime I go into neat stores full of things that I gets me to thinking!! My great friend Gema and I have always talked about owning a boutique. We love to shop together and create things together. Although....since I moved away we have not in a long time. But, creating and decorating is a true passion that I have! I know if I really went for it, I could do it and open my own boutique. So, I have decided that I am really going to research and start thinking a bit more serious about it this summer when I am off. Brant is wonderful and he always supports and finds a way for me to follow my dreams and passions. I have really been praying about it. I know and trust that God will lead me where I need to be. I do LOVE my job at the high school and being at school with Reid and around all of the great kids. It is a blessing and I love and appreciate my job....don't get me wrong. I just have a desire for something of my very own......does this make sense?? I get bored easily (maybe ADD??) and I always feel the need to and create make something, re decorate, re arrange, etc. etc. Maybe I just have issues!! LOL! So....I will keep you posted on my DREAMS!!! We shall pray....and we shall see.

Last....I want to give a shout out to my hubbie!!! Even though he does not read this. I am so BLESSED to have such a great hubbie and an AWESOME father to my kids! He is my best friend and we are such a great team! He is so good about cooking dinner when needed, helping around the house, running the kids around, helping with homework, getting them up and ready for school, etc. etc. It is truely a 50/50 deal! Sometimes, he picks up my slack and I pick up his when needed. On top of that he works so hard and is such a good provider. If I want something, he gets it! I am spoiled rotten.....but I appreciate his thoughfulness and love. I try really hard to do the same for him.....but I think I got the better end of the deal.....LOL! Just wanted to get that out there! I have been researching and making a list of new churches for us to visit over the next month. I am praying that God will lead us to a home church that we love as much as our past church.

My prayer list:

The DRAKE FAMILY....Reid's best childhood friend since 1st grade, Ritchie, his 18 year old sister, Madison, died last week unexpectedly. She had a blot clot in her leg and it went to her lungs and she died of a Pulmonary Embolism. They were not aware she even had it, she just collassed and was gone that quick. It is tragic and as you can imagine, the family is devastated. Reid had a really hard time with it, we have known her since she was 8. He had spent alot of time with their family over the years. The funeral was beautiful and a celebration of Madison and her "sunshine" personality. The family could use some prayers to lift them up in such a difficult time.

Please pray for my DAD....he had surgery on his legs to open the arteries and to help him get better circulation. It was a success, but my Dad seems a bit run down and tired. He could use some extra prayers.

My MOM...she has been looking for a job. She is very experienced and knowledgaable, but has not worked in a few years. She has been looking, and has been a bit down because she has not gotten a lot of response. I know God will lead her to the right job......

Please pray for my friend Jennifer's baby JUDE. He is only 7 months old and has been through alot. He started having violent seizures at a few months old due to an in-utero stroke. You can read her blog to follow Jude's story at: They have struggled through doctors and a variety of treatments and finally found a great doctor and Baby Jude's seizures are getting better and the new medications have made him SMILE again! Please pray that God will continue to show his miracles on this family (Jennifer, Mike, Emily and Jude).

I hope you all have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!! My MANIC Monday has come to an end....ahhhhh!


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