Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Southern Living........and our Dallas Mavericks!

Okay....so my all time FAVORITE magazine came yesterday....SOUTHERN LIVING! This is the one magazine that I have stayed subscribing to for years. When I was a bit younger and still learning what my "style" was, we had just built our first brand new home in a brand new neighborhood. We were the 5th house built, so we got to know our few neighbors, at the time, very well. My next door neighbor was in their home about a month before we moved in, and she had already had her house looking like a model home. She was a stay at home mom and was a little older and more experienced than I at home decor. She was so creative and was a do-it-yourself kind of girl. She could lay tile, paint, wallpaper (which was in style at the time), and sew anything. She taught me alot! And, she was the one who got me hooked on Southern Living. I get so many decorating ideas, and about every and any recipe I make is from Southern Living. It is any Southern (or Northern) girls MUST HAVE! However, if you like contemporary or modern design....it is NOT for you. It is very traditional, which is all ME! Anyways....I got my newest issue and over the last few months I have been pondering what I want to do with my kitchen. I do not like it at all. When we bought the house, I compromised because I knew it had great bones and potential. We have beautiful, custom cabinets but they are a light oak color (not my fav!). The tile is very bland, and the countertops are awful. I have been wanting to get granite, but do not want to until I truely figure out what I want to do with the cabinets. Well....this is what I LOVE....it is featured in the newest issue of Southern Living:

I adore the timeless look of this kitchen.....it is new and very functional but yet could be in a vintage, 100 year old home. I love the bright, airy feel of this kitchen! It is simple and clean! The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams "Heaven on Earth" and I love the 2 hanging pendant lights. I also love the wood counter on the island. Brant's aunt and uncle just built a gorgeous home in the Texas Hill Country and they did that on their breakfast bar. They did granite counters but the breakfast bar is a beautiful wood. Anyways....My kitchen looks nothing like this right now, but definately has the potential. I would have to have my cabinets sanded, primed,and painted. That is a little scary with perfectly nice wood cabinets....but I LOVE this look! The counters in the kitchen above has white marble counters, but I think I may go with a lighter colored granite or quartz. I will have to look. We have the same colored wood floors throughout our entire house and still have enough wood left over for the kitchen and butlers pantry. And, of coarse, the layout of my kitchen is different but this is the look and style I am going for....I think! I am going to research over the next few months, and hope to start this summer!

What do you think??? Do you think I am crazy to paint nice custom wood cabinets??

On a personal note.....I am HOME tonight! No lessons, practices, games, etc. YAY!! They were cancelled do to the State TAKS test this week for the kids. So, my kiddos got up and Daddy fixed them a great breakfast this morning. I had to be at school myself early due to the TAKS, so it was great that Brant was home to help with the kids. Both said they felt they did really well! More testing tomorrow and through Friday.

Also, our Dallas Mavericks are playing tonight against the Spurs. The series is 3-1...so we are hoping to get the BIG win and send the Spurs to off season. GO MAVS!! We ate an early dinner....Pork ribs, scalloped potatoes, corn bread, and salad. Talk about southern food...LOL! Reid's girlfriend, Meagan is coming over to watch the game with us. We love sports in this family and we love our Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks...and even our Texas Rangers, although I like the NY Yankees too! But tonight it is all about basketball. LET"S GO MAVS!!!!!

Have a peaceful night!!

A few prayers:
My friend Jenn's baby Jude has been doing well on his new medications and has not been having seiezures and is smiling and has gained alot of his mobile skills back. However, on her blog today she mentioned that he had a some spasms lately. So, please pray that they can adjust his medication and will stop the spasms.

My friend Linda's daughter Hayli has been sick and went back for some more tests today....please pray that she will be her healthy little self soon. She is my "Mini Me" and I adore her!

Please say a prayer for my friend Shannon's father. He is in the hospital stricken with cancer and will start treatmnts soon. Please pray that his treatments will rid him of his cancer and heal his body. And, for Shannon to stay strong to be there for her father.


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