Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So....today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Texas! Warm and SUNNY! Praise the Lord! I woke up and went to the school and literally felt like I had the FLU! I was aching so bad....and my face and head were hurting. Finally, the 4 Advil I took kicked in and I was fine! I hate to admit it....but my Mom is right, I need more rest! I go, go, go, and I get about 5 to 6 hours of sleep and it catches up to me eventually! Plus....I have not drank my BOOST in the morning like I normally do. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and does help me feel better! I must get back to that! Anyways....no more whining!

Well, Maddie did not have any activities today...for once, so it was all about Reid tonight. 7 on 7 football has started! YAY!! Our high school has a new head coach and several new coaches on the staff! The town is SUPER excited about them and our upcoming season and we are premiering our new multi million dollar, state of the art stadium!! It is going to be an exciting football season! Our new coach came from Austin Lake Travis and turned a 2-9 team into back to back State Champions in a year! I can see why....we have seen so many positive changes in these boys. They have always had the athletic ability, but really lacked teamwork and believing in themselves. It is so great to see them all supporting and building each other up instead of blaming one another when they make mistakes. The comradery and belief in each other is AMAZING! I can't wait to see what happens for them this season! Reid was a starter on Varsity last season as the only Sophomore, and he is the only returning starter that will not be a senior this upcoming season. I still can't believe my baby will be a junior next year....time flies! He has an amazing future in football and I can not wait to see what is in store for him. I just pray that the Lord watches over him and keeps him healthy and injury free. I will take pictures next week during 7 on 7 to post. And, Spring football starts in a week and a half....Reid can't wait to wear pads and get to actually hit! I know that sounds barbaric....but come on, this is TEXAS high school football! "Hit Somebody!" is what they all yell....right? I am excited....I love watching my kids play sports!! I am already designing my MOM jersey for the upcoming season and it will be blinged out people!! LOL!

Okay....on to my passion. DECORATING!! So, after only a year after decorating my dining and family rooms...I am redecorating. I am just so over RED! I love red, don't get me wrong, and will still use some reds, but I am ready for something different. My last home, we had a TON of natural light and it was very bright. But, in this home we have a lot of windows, but the family room windows have solar screens on them, due to the West sun in the late afternoon, plus they are off our large covered back porch. So, we do not get a ton of light in there. On top of that, we have really dark hardwood floors. So, I just want lighter, airy colors. I love french country, shabby chic, and the coastal look. So, it will be a little mix of all. I plan on getting nice down feathered sofa and 2 big comfy club chairs and ottoman. Here is the style I am looking at:

I know it is light....but it is also slipcovered and can be washed. But, I want something light in tone.

Here are my fabric and color scheme for my throw pillows, panels, etc.

Not sure when I am going to have the time to start....but summer is ONLY 5 weeks away!! YAY!!


For my Mother, who is looking for a job. She is really getting down lately. She is bored and I know it will really help her to get out and stay a bit busier. I know the Lord will lead her to her true calling and where she needs to be.

For my friend, Shannon's father. He has cancer. I pray that the Lord will help them through this difficult time and heal him.

For a teacher at our school, Jill Brown. her father in law passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack. I know they are a family of faith and that the Lord will wrap his arms around them during this difficult time.

For Baby Jude....for the continued success of his medications to help control his seizures. It is so sweet to see the pics of him smiling now! Praise God!

***ON ANOTHER NOTE....my hubbie would like to inform you all that not only did he plant 4 new trees, he actually planted 6 on Sunday! I will post pictures of all his hard work this weekend!



  1. Oh Amy I so hear you about the red. When our home was Cottage of the Month I was into reds and oranges but it was fall and I thought I needed something more grounded. But like you I am sooo over red and back to my love of blues. Before I had the reds, I had more of a coastal look, I just think I really am more of a soothing color person. Anyway, I love your fabrics and can't wait to see what you are going to do. Have a great day and take a nap and I will pray for your mama.


  2. Stumbled upon your blog and glad I did! Great post and great blog!