Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome to Texas.......


Okay....well, I know I did not mention it but Maddie had cheer tryouts for middle school all last week. I did not mention it due to the fact that I was super nervous for her! It is so hard having someone else "judge" your child. She is talented and I knew she had what it takes, but you always worry when it is someone else's opinion. There was so much know cheerleading! There were rumors flying about how some of the girls knew the cheer and dance weeks before and how political it is, etc. etc. Alot of people were also mad because in years past they have always picked ten 7th grade and ten 8th grade cheerleaders. Well, this year they decided to only have 6 per grade. Well, we have 5 Elementary schools that feed into our only middle school, so the chances were very slim. There were 47 girls in Maddie's grade trying out and they were only picking 6?? WOW....I was nervous! But, Maddie was confident throughout the whole process, in which I was happy about. However, I did not want her to be disappointed if she did not make it. She practiced all week so hard and tryouts were Friday. Of coarse, parents can not watch any of the practices or tryouts, so I had no idea what to expect. I know Maddie is a great cheerleader and is a great dancer and an even amazing tumbler....but natrually you worry! The night before tryouts I spoke with Maddie and I told her to pray that God would give her the ability to do her best and that whatever happens is in God's plan for her. Maddie was pretty confident! They had to draw numbers for tryouts and Maddie drew #3! They tried out in groups of 3's, so she was in the very first group!! After her tryout, she came out and was so happy with herself. She said she NAILED it! Again...she was super confident! I was so happy with the fact that she came out knowing she did her best and did well! There were many girls that came out upset because they made a mistake, etc. So, I was so thankful that Maddie was pleased with herself. But again, I was nervous!!! I was a cheerleader all through middle school and high school and I loved it! Maddie also loves to cheer, she is just a natural! I knew she had a great chance but of coarse you worry in the back of your mind, if it completely fair. (I think I was listening to all of those rumors too much!!). After everyone was done trying out.....of coarse they had callbacks. Maddie did not get called back...which was good! Usually, those are the girls on the is make it or break it time. Talk about pressure.....poor girls! Well, finally we just waited and waited and waited and then they posted the results on the window. I could not even go close to that. I let Maddie go with all the other anxious girls and look. The minute I saw her face coming down the walkway...I knew she MADE IT!! She had the most precious, gratifying look on her sweet and PROUD face! It just makes you melt as a mother! A huge weight was lifting off my heart....but my heart ached however for all of those other disappointed girls. That is what I feared for my own and it was so difficult to see them upset. Maddie was the only one from her elementary school to make it, so it was hard for she and I to be happy when her friends were disappointed. But, they were so sweet and genuinely happy for Maddie. Of coarse....we did have our hugging and celebratory high five moment and I had some teary eyes filled with pride for my baby girl! She NEVER doubted herself!

I was equally excited for our neighbor across the street, Kendal. She is a grade older than Maddie and tried out last year and did not make it. She decided at the last minute to tryout again even though they were cutting existing spots. She practiced with Maddie all week. Reid's girlfriend, Meagan who is a varsity cheerleader worked with Maddie and all of her friends. They all worked so hard. Kendal has a hard time with her confidence and her mom is always concerned with that. We knew she had the ability but lacked the confidence in herself. I think her parents were convinced that she would be disappointed again this year. Well, the day of tryouts Kendal came out and said she messed up and was a little disapppointed. But, she got called back and after that she said she did MUCH better! Well.....Kendall made it! I cried more when she made it than when Maddie did. I was so proud of her...I tried all week to pump her up and make her realize that she is truely deserving! I made her Mom cry too!!! LOL! So, it was a joy to get to share the excitement with them!

It was such a trying week.....I was so worried and stressed. The last thing you ever want as a Mom is to see your child hurt and dissappointed. But, I kept praying and I knew that whatever happened was in God's plan and purpose for Maddie.

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." ROMANS 8:28 (NLT)

I am just so proud of my sweet Maddie and I have to add this little tid bit: There was another girl there who did not come very prepared and she did not have a parent there like most of the girls. She was embarrassed over her shorts, so my sweet Maddie offered her her shorts. So, after Maddie tried out, she ran back in the "holding room" and changed shorts with the other girl so that she could have them on to try out in. I was so proud of her for being so thoughtful. There are alot of girls that would not have offered any help to the so called "competition". She is truely a blessing not only to me.....but to others!

Ohhh and one more thing! I asked Reid the night before Maddie's tryouts to just go and give her a little "pep talk". This is how it went......"Maddie, you are gonna make it. You are a ROSE....that's what we do!" Enough said........................


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