Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well.....we had a great weekend. On Saturday I woke up so thankful that cheer tryouts were over! YAY! We were able to sleep in until about 9am, and then I had to get up and go to my hair appt. I was a bit late because ....guess what?? I had to go through Starbucks!! I have a new hairdresser who is just a doll and she did a great job on my hair and color!! I then went straight to a Baby Shower. It was for my friend Kristin who is having a boy and is ecstatic after having 2 girls. It was a beautiful shower thrown by my friend Deana...who has a beautiful home and is a great hostess. It was fun chatting with the girls....and having yummy food! Then off to Maddie's volleyball game....they won! Then, back home to have a relaxing evening....NOT! Reid decided to have about 5 boys over....which is just fine with me actually. For some reason our home is always the gathering place. They are a great group of boys. We ordered 2 giant pizzas from Napoli's and they played ROCK BAND! I am so thankful that Reid has chosen a great group of friends to spend his time with. They all have the same morals and values as Reid and the same goals. They all have great parents that we all keep in close contact with and know well. They are all athletes, but they are also great students and leaders. We could not have hoped for better friends for Reid. I am so blessed to have such an easy and just all around great teenager! Everyone in town seems to know my kid....he has become quite the outgoing young man. And everywhere I go, it seems someone stops me to tell me something good about him. I can not tell you how proud of him I am! He has HUGE things ahead of him and I can not wait to see what they are!

Back to my Reid went to the Ranger game with his girlfriend Meagan and her family. So, he spent the day with the Woodalls. My mom and dad went with me to drop Maddie off at the gym for cheer practice. After that, we went looking for houses. The town is full of old, historic homes. There is one neighborhood where the street are lined with huge, old trees and all of the homes are old, historic homes. Just a precious neighborhood! We found 3 very nice homes. One was a tudor style home. It had wood floors throughout, beautiful and original moldings, and had so much character. It was walking distance to the town square and walking trails along the river that runs through the town. The 2nd home was in the same neighborhood and was a 1920's style bungalow. It had so much charm! It needs some work, but has so much character and potential. The 3rd home is an old home also. We have not seen the inside yet, but plan on meeting tomorrow to see it. So, we shall see. It was my least favorite, but had potential. Maybe the inside will surprise me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old houses.....and have always wanted to live in an old historic home. So, I hope my parents can get one, so that I can get my chance to help decorate an old house with tons of charm and character! I love looking at homes.....and seeing the potential that they have. It is so fun making a house your own! When we were looking at homes, when we bought this one, I fell in love with the outside of the house. It had a ton of charm and had that traditional feel that I always wanted. It had the front porch and big colomns all the way across the front and the cute dormor windows. It was the charmimg Southern home I always wanted.....until we went inside. The floorplan was great.....however, it had stark white walls throughout, beige carpet, it had a ton of windows, but they were covered with dark navy blue drapes. It was not really decorated which did not make it appealing. But, I saw so much potential. It had so many great features! So, we bought it....the very first thing I did when we got the keys was rip every blind and drape down off the windows and let the light in! That made a huge difference right off! Then, we ripped the ugly carpet out and put wide planked, hand carved hardwood floors thoughout the entire house. We painted the entire house...every single room and wall. We changed all of the light fixtures and then I started decorating! Our house was only 7 years old when we bought it, but it was not living up to it's potential. Now, some of the neighbors that had seen it before we moved in, come in and say it looks like a completely different house! I LOVE my home and we love our neighborhood! I hope that we can find my parents a home and neighborhood that they love just as much!

Here are some pics of the styles of homes of the 3 houses we looked at today. These are not the actual homes....but to give an idea. They are so charming!

While, my parents and I were out looking at homes, Brant stayed home and planted 4 new trees around the back of our home. We have planted 12 new trees since we have moved here a year and a half ago. I know that sounds extreme but we have an acre of land, and it was pretty bare. So, Brant worked hard today in the yard. He was sweet to grill some steaks and we also grilled some asparagus (which I have never done) and I made some hallandaise sauce to go over it, plus we had baked potatoes. I also cut up some fresh strawberries and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert. About 2 months ago, I decided that I wanted a new dining room table for my dining room. So, I bought one....I loved my existing table, but wanted a different style. So, I decided to move my perfectly nice dining room table to our back patio. It is very tuscan, old world style. My friend and hubbie thought I was crazy to move it outside. We have a very large built on covered porch and when it rains it does not get wet at I knew it would be fine. And....hey, the weathered look is in, so if it does get a bit weathered it will add character! Well, I LOVE it out there, and we eat out there all the time now. We ate out there tonight and had a great dinner with my parents. So, it has really become another living space out there. I will have to post some pictures soon.

Well, it is another BUSY week ahead for the Roses.....and I am single mom alot this week.

Monday: Volleyball and Cheer practice (Daddy gone)
Tuesday: 7 on 7 Football
Wednesday: Tumbling
Thursday: Basketball Practice (Daddy gone)
Friday: FREE!! (Daddy gone)
Saturday: Volleyball
Sunday: Cheer and Basketball (Daddy gone)

Busy....but blessed!! Have a great week~



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  1. Hi Amy,
    Love your blog and your looks familiar...LOL! I love older homes too, good thing since ours was built in 1911. They have so much character, love the homes that you showed. I am going to add you to my sidebar. Have a great day.