Sunday, April 26, 2009

How was your weekend??

Well....nothing exciting at the Rose Home this weekend! Friday night...Volleyball practice w/ Maddie. Daddy was working and Reid went over to the Woodalls for the evening, so it was me and Maddie. After her practice, we went to Walgreens....I have been having some massive sinus headaches. I must say that Mucinex Sinus is wonderful! We also loaded up on magazines....GUILTY PLEASURE! I got my home decor mags and Maddie got a few teeny bopper ones. We got home, ate dinner, got in our jammies and climbed in my big, comfy bed and read our magazines. NICE!! Saturday, my Mom and I decided to drive out to my sister's house (1 1/2hours each way) and take her her B-day gifts and we also had to pick up a dresser that I had loaned her and a dresser that my Mom had loaned her. She was able to get a new bedroom suite for her is BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy that she finally decided that she deserved her own! I think for alot of couples, the master bedroom comes last as far as new furniture and decorating. I know when we bought the house we are in now....I decorated it right off! It is my sanctuary! I hope my sis can create one for herself too! She has started and it is looking good! Anyways....I visited with my niece and nephew, Hannah and Eli. That is always FUN! Hannah had a picture of a dog colored and cut out with my name on it. She had it ready for me when I walked in the door. I was tickled! It is going up in my office first thing tomorrow. We had my sister open her gifts and then my brother-in-law and just ME loaded up the dressers in my Suburban, while Mom and Sissy watched. (By the sister's name is Shelley, but I have called her "Sissy" every since I could speak!). After that, we headed to our wonderful family friend, Marcia's house to drop off the dresser of my Mom's. So, we chatted a bit with Marcia and her sister Linda. I adore them! I have known them since I was born, and it is always great to see them! Plus, they live in the town I grew up in, so it is always great to drive back through memory lane! Mom and I headed back on our long drive home, but decided to stop and eat at TACO BUENO! It has always been one of my favorite places to eat! I do not eat fast food often, but that sounded yummy! Plus, we had coupons and we both ate for less than $7.00! LOL! We then really headed home and made it back at about 7pm. LONG DAY!! Maddie did have a volleyball game, but her Daddy, PawPaw and Reid went to watch her. I felt I could stand to miss one game and go see my sister for once! We spent the evening in, and then at about came the gang! Reid and his friends!! 5 to be exact! They decided to hang out and watch a movie and then a few spent the night. I am sure my neighbors were wondering why there were 4 trucks parked outside my home! I am so glad they are all driving now though. They used to wear all of us Moms out toting them to all of their functions. They all started driving within months of each other, so it is nice! Anyways...My mom was here and was sweet enough to make pancakes and bacon for the boys and Maddie this morning. That is not an easy task, teenage boys can eat! ALOT! I slept in a bit, which was nice for a change. I did not sleep well last night and my back and arms were SO sore this morning from moving the furniture yesterday. It was not that heavy or difficult, I am not sure why I was so sore? We did not go to church.....Daddy was at the station, so we stayed home. But, I did read a daily devotion and read some scripture. Which uplifted me, as always! I then took Maddie to cheer practice at her competitive cheer gym. The practices are 1 1/2 hours long and closed to parents. We live about 20 minutes I decided to go to some of the great antique shops in town to kill some time. Well, only 1 was open...It is Sunday. I looked around but did not find anything that I really needed. There was a gorgeous antique armoire w/ a beautiful beveled mirror that I was eyeing....hmmm. Well, I walked away with nothing. I then headed back to get Maddie from cheer practice and then we headed back to the house to get her changed and to Basketball practice! Ahhhh.......what happened to no activities on Sundays?? Luckily, her B-ball practice is a mile form the house, so I walked her in and watched her get started. Went by the grocery store to pick up 1 stinking thing that I needed for dinner (Don't you hate to have to go all the way in for 1 thing??). I then came home and started prepping my lasagna for dinner, and also managed to squeeze in a load of laundry. Then, back to the gym to pick Maddie up and back home to finish making dinner. We had lasagna, salad, and bread. Well, after all of that prepping.......only Maddie and I ate! Reid had been at the Woodalls since about 4pm and then called and said they invited him to go to dinner. Of coarse, I let him go. Mom and Dad were here, but had went out to eat and had a late lunch, so they were not hungry. Brant was at the station. So, again it was just my sweet Maddie and I eating together tonight. I enjoy having one on one time with her though. Reid got home around 9pm tonight, and when I asked where they ate, guess where.....The Olive Garden! Really?? So, the good news is......I have a TON of leftover lasagna, and the Rose Family is eating it tomorrow night. Every one of them! LOL!

Well....enough of my non-exciting weekend!!!

Here are some pics I can share from today:

Our sweet Zoe...she loves to go in the front yard every chance she gets and sits in the grass and just watch everyone go by!

My favorite benches on my front porch and my potted ferns!

Our home!! The St. Augustine is getting greener everyday! We need some more rain!

I love our huge front porch. When we first moved here last year, Brant and I would just sit out here at night and we could not believe how peaceful and quiet it is here.

Our yard is still in progress. We are hoping to start a new project. It will be a black limestone walkway going up to our front porch.

Well.....I hope you all have a great week!!


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