Sunday, May 31, 2009


My weekend started by attending our high school's graduation ceremony on Friday night. It is always so emotional....I hate endings!! It makes me sad to think that some of these kids I will never see again....however we do live in a small community. It is also bittersweet to know that many of them are going onto bigger things and the possiblities are endless for them.
Me and a co worker have officially been named the "Graduation Mommies". The graduates have to sit in an area off limits to everyone...including parents. Therefore, if they need anything we are there to help them. With 240 kids....there is much help needed fixing caps, tassels, stoles, cords, and just making sure they are all put together. And, there are always a few that show up and their absentee parents never ordered their cap and gowns, etc. Our rep from Josten's always brings me extra items for those kids in need...he is a blessing! So, we make sure that we get them all set up too. All 240 kids looked wonderful! I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful place! The graduation went wonderfully and there were over $3 million in scholarship money awarded. AWESOME!

The Graduates

Me and April....aka The Graduation Mommies

My dear Caitlin who has been like a daughter to me was awarded a $350,000 scholarship and appointment to the Coast Guard Academy where she will also be playing softball. She goes away in exactly 1 month! I am so sad to see her leave, but so excited for what her future holds!

Me and Caitlin

Caitlin and her boyfriend Nathan

Brant had to be there as well now that he is a School Board member. We really did not even see each other until we left. He was up on stage and then had to talk with tons of people afterwards. I was in the upper seats tending to the graduates, and then taking pics and visiting with them afterwards. We finally met up an hour later and went and had a late dinner at On the Border. Reid and Meagan took Maddie to Volleyball practice while we were gone and then spent the evening with MiMi and Paw Paw eating pizza and watching movies. It is so nice to have a child that drives and can help us out when we need it!

Saturday.....Brant and Reid got up early to go to Reid's 7 on 7 tournament in Waco. I stayed here with Maddie who had her last volleyball game. Well, they finished football early and were able to make it back in time to also go watch Maddie's game. After the game, we met up with about 10 couples and their kids and had dinner at Mirandas (Mexican Food again...YUM!). We had a great well as the kids!

Reid's in blue....#22

Maddie's Volleyball game

Sunday....we skipped church and slept in. I went to Lowe's and bought some more herbs for my planter garden, while Brant stayed home and did some yard work. We then got ready for Maddie's Basketball team's pool party! The girls had a blast and I got a bit of much needed sun! I know....I should not bask in the sun. I am really into keeping my skin safe and healthy...but I am a very fair skinned gal and needed just a kiss of the sun to look alive! LOL! I did wear suncreen so I would not burn! Just so you know!

Anyways....we are now enjoying a quiet evening at home w/Maddie while Reid is where else??? Meagan's house cooking out and swimming with her family! Maddie has us watching River Monsters on Animal sure makes me NEVER to want to swim or boat down a river again...EEEEEKKKK!

Well....I hope you all have a great week and LAST week of school! Tomorrow, I am going with Maddie's class on a field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium! We are catching the train and taking it into Dallas...FUN! I am looking foward to it. This will probably be my last field trip with her....since she is going into Middle school next year (sigh....). Then, only 3 more days left of school!! Well, for the kids anyways. I work through most of June, but it is very slow and I get alot done! YAY!



Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Kids Rooms!!!

One of my daily doses of HAPPINESS is reading Kelly's blog, Kelly's Korner! She and her daughter HARPER are both just beautiful and precious and Kelly is such a sweet and inspiring person who is strong in her faith and full of inspiration! Well, every Friday she hosts "Show Us Where You Live" F-R-I-D-A-Y!! We have already shown our kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, guest rooms and this week it is kids rooms!

Reid's room is first. He is 16 now...and he has had many fun rooms over the years. Farm, Dinosaurs, Denim/Plaid, and now a bit more grown up with of coarse....TEXAS LONGHORNS!

His walls are painted "Cookie Crumb" which is a khaki color.

This dresser was Reid's grandfather's when he was a boy. It was made in the 1940's.

This plaque I got at a CHEAP store for $7.00 and added a Longhorn decal to personalize it a bit.

Every guy needs a flat screen TV right??

And please excuse the messy TV stand and knick knack corner.

His bathroom is pretty plain....I have not gotten around to doing much to it.

On to Maddie's Room! This is the wild, funky, and cluttered room of the house! She is 12 now and insisted on these colors! WOW! Gone are the days where her room was decorated with pretty, soft, sweet Shabby Chic furnirure and fabrics. I miss those "oh-so-sweet" days!

Maddie loves the LONGHORNS too!

Every girl needs a flat screen TV too ya know and a place to store all her guitars......the next Taylor Swift lives in this room!

Maddie's bathroom is still under construction....I will keep you posted. This picture was bought on the streets of New York City when we were there for Spring Break....she had to have it!

Well.....I hope you enjoyed the tour! Next week is home offices!

Also....just 2 more days to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

End of school and Spring Football!!!

I am exhausted today! However, it looks like there is an end to this madness! It is slowly slowing down! Our school's graduation is tomorrow evening. We have to say goodbye to some of the greatest kids....and watch them move on to bigger and better things. Makes me sad, but proud! I was super stressed last week creating a new and improved Grad Program. It took all week to work on and going back and forth with the print company with the layout, front cover graphics, editing, etc. The last thing you want to do is spell someone's name wrong or forget to list someone. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like needless to say I have lost sleep over this. But, the stress is over!! They arrived today at the school and they are PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited to give this senior class and the future seniors such a nice and memorable keepsake! I know it seems a bit silly how excited I am....but you should have seen what they have had. They have had the same program since 1950, I think. God love the people in the past that kept it the same, I guess to stay with tradition. was rinky dink and was typed and printed on paper and folded.'s 2009 people and we are not a 2A school anymore! It was my mission to change it and after some major convincing....I won! The seniors will get them at their Senior Breakfast in the morning! YAY! And the parents and families will get them at the Graduation Cermony. The seniors are done tmorrow, but our actual last day of school is next thursday, June4th. So, the underclassmen will all be there next week taking exams. So.....only 5 more days!!! Whoo Hoo!!

Speaking of school.... the kids got their TAKS scores back and as a Sophomore Reid took the Math, English, Science and Social Studies TAKS and got COMMENDED on all 4! He only missed 1-2 on each one. Between his good attendance and TAKS scores he was able to earn enough exemptions to be exempt from ALL of his final exams, so he is a happy teenager! As a 6th grader, Maddie took the Math and English TAKS and got COMMENDED on both and scored 100% on Math and only misssed 1 on her English. Both of them have been commended on every test every year since they started taking TAKS. I am so proud of them! I know I am bragging....but that is my job!! I have so much love and appreciation for them and I cherish every little thing they do and accomplish.

Today marked the end of Spring Football here in Texas! We ended it with our Spring Game and it was held in our brand new Stadium! It is not finished yet and is still in the construction phase, but the field and turf was ready, so the boys got to play on it. It is BEAUTIFUL and the whole town came out to look at our new pride and joy....OWL STADIUM!! It was a GORGEOUS day for football too! Reid was so excited all day at school anxiously awaiting the game. It is a blessing to be working at his school....I am so glad I get to be a part of his high school years. Anyways....Reid was upset after the game. He felt he did not do as well as he should of. He is sooo hard on himself! I tried to reassure him that he got a TON of cheers for great plays and they are still learning a whole new program and plays. He only seems to remember the mistakes. Poor kid, he inherited his super competitiveness from his Dad and I both! He is a perfectionist at everything he does....well, the things he is passionate about anyways. He was in a foul mood when he got home.....but I showed him our town's newspaper that came out today and there was a write up about him and football and he perked up real quick! He went over to Meagan's house to show her and came home and was in a much better mood! Here are some pics from today...not the best pics. I was too busy talking and visiting with others rather than taking pics....Imagine that!

You will be hearing alot about football.....we live in Texas and it is a 2nd religion here!


Please pray for my Dad.....he has not been feeling well. We are also looking for some new doctors for him. Please pray that we will be lead to the right doctors for him.

Please say a little prayer for my Mom, who is waiting to hear if she gets a job that she interviewed for. She really needs it to lift her spirits!

Please pray for the Dane family for the loss of their son-in-law this week.

Please keep my dear sweet friend in your prayers....and for God to help her family through this difficult time. She is a precious person and deserves the best!

Please pray for all of the senior graduates....and for God to lead them in the right direction and to keep them on the right path and to walk with faith. is kids rooms this week on Kelly's Korner "Show Me Where You Live". I have to clean my kids room tomorrow, so that I can take pics that look decent enough to post! LOL! You should join in and show yours too!!!



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slipcovers......and Brothers and Sisters


It was a beautiful day in TEXAS today!
Bright, sunny, and warm! The skies were clear blue and the clouds were white and fluffy!
I LOVE days like this and I am so ready for summer!
And even more ready to get some much needed projects around the house done. new obsession is slipcovers. Do I have any slipcovers?? NO! Well, just a few dining chairs. But, I will be the slip covering queen this summer! I hope??
Here are a few pics that are inspiring me:

One of my favorite and only shows I watch is "Brothers and Sisters" on ABC. I love it...and watch it every Sunday night! However, I am convinced that it is based on my life and family! LOL! DRAMA...HUMOR...TEARS...JOY....and more DRAMA! You have to laugh at it! But...if you only knew how very similar it seems at times! I LOVE and ADORE my family and would not have it any other way. It is NEVER a dull moment....if you only knew!! At the end of the day I have to sit and laugh at the silly spats we have, the gossipy phone calls, the looks we give each other across the dinner table when one is talking (ha ha), the conversations where we are laughing and crying at the same is quite comical! Especially between us girls and my Mom! But, all and all....I know how truly blessed I am to have them and how dull and boring my life would be without them! (Sigh) I mean that is why we LOVE shows like that, right??....for the DRAMA!

I just had to share that tidbit about my life!!

Remember the gardenias that I mentioned yesterday.....well here is a pic.

I looks a little sickly!

I planted 4 last summer and they did well for a while and then started looking a bit sick last fall. They hung on though....even though they do not look so pretty.
But.....they are blooming!! Well, minus one which seemed dead, but look!

There are a few green little branches that have there is hope! We shall see!

Here is a pic of my Hydrangea that just started to bloom.....

This was planted when we bought the house but this Spring we planted several more. They have already bloomed for this year, so I hope they come back even prettier next Spring.


Okay, so I have to share one more thing......Maddie got her new phone today! She has been begging us for a year for a new phone. This is her 3rd phone and she is only 12! It was delivered today, so she was a happy girl when she got home from school today! Her Daddy called and told me to tell her to start charging it and he would activate it when he got home. My answer to him, "Ummmm.....she has already been calling on it! She did it herself." LOL!

That's my girl!

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

8 more days.....

I am so ready for summer and to have some extra time to work on my home! The kids have been so busy as well as work for me, that I have not had any time at all do get any new projects done, or for that matter to finish some on going projects! And....I have several! I hope to manage my time off well this summer and get some much need therapy in....RE-DECORATING!!
So, I got my latest copy of Ballard FAVORITE catalog!!
There are so many inspiring things:


So, I have to say......are you ready?? We were able to come home from school today and we did not have to be anywhere! We actually stayed home, had an early dinner, and had hours to play, watch TV, sit outside on the porch and watch the storm roll in. Sweeeeeet! I LOVE days like these! For those that know me personally, you know how CRAZY, BUSY we are! The kids have so many activities, plus I work full time at the high school, Brant (hubbie) works days away at a time plus just recently added the title "School Board Member" to his name! So, we are much busier these days. I LOVE our life and I LOVE watching my kids particpate in all of their activities, but it has been overly busy this Spring! I would not trade it for the world though. My kids are my life and I cherish this time and these memories with them. It makes me sad to think that I only have Reid for 2 more years. It has really hit me lately that he is halfway through high school. He will be a junior next year! I really want to make the most of the next 2 years with him. I know he will go on to an great college, follow his passion and dream and play football and get a wonderful education. I am so proud of him and can not wait to see what his future brings. And, my Maddie will be in Junior High this year....WOW! I am not ready for this.....I want my babies back! Okay....enough about me being so gushy!

Have a great rest of the week!!!