Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All about my kids....

Well....tonight was the Academic Awards Ceremony at the high school. I am so proud of Reid for doing so well academically on top of being so involved in so many extracurricular activities.
Only the TOP kids in each class were honored, so it was a special night!
At the same time, Maddie had a 6th grade band concert. Luckily, it was right next door in the high school auditorium, so we were able to get both kids to where they needed to be! Did I mention that she is the 1st chair flute?? I am sad that she has decided not to pursue band beyond this year. Her band teacher begged me to talk her into continuing, but Maddie is my free spirited child and likes to try a bit of everything. I tried to explain that to her teacher.....however I am not sure she bought it. LOL! Anyone that knows Maddie should understand what I mean....remember, the fiddle...electric guitar...acoustic guitar...and the numerous other phases! Well...now she wants to pursue photography, so she has decided to be on the Yearbook Staff instead of taking band next year in middle school. So, we shall see!

Here are some photos from this evening:

Reid getting his award from our Superintendent.

Reid and one of his good friends Blake being goofy after the awards. I PROMISE they looked appropriate, but the first thing the boys did afterwards (2 hours later) was to take off their shirts!

Maddie and 2 of her best friends, the Curlee twins (Kassidee and Kaylee).

Our TOP 10 Seniors at JHS....what great kids!

We are so thankful for the schools that are kids attend and we could not have asked for Reid to be in a better high school. ALL the kids here are the utmost polite and respectful kids that I think I have ever seen. They have very strict rules compared to other public schools but it shows in how these kids behave on a daily basis. There are almost 1200 students at our high school, so that is a rare thing these days. This town and community reminds me of "Mayberry" a bit...as in how everyone knows each others kids and looks after them. I rarely come across a kid that does not answer "Yes, ma'am" and "No ma'am" to me. It is such a delight to hear that in this day and age. I am so proud that my kids are being educated in such a wonderful place!



  1. Good public high schools are a rare commodity!

  2. I can tell how proud you are..congratulations!