Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dining Rooms....

Okay...I am late posting this.....but I have been CRAZY BUSY (See post below...LOL).

Kelly's Korner is showing DINING ROOMS this week! I just adore her and her precious baby HARPER! ou must follow Kelly's blog...she is a BLESSING!

This is our formal dining room. It is not formal at all though...which is the way I like it! At our last home we had a very formal dining, but never used it. So, when we bought this home I wanted something informal. We use this one alot when we have people over and to do projects, etc. It is very informal and comfortable. I am missing 1 chair, it's in the garage in need of repairs right now. LOL! I also have a huge white distressed open hutch that I am getting....just have not forked over the money to buy it yet. It is mine though!! It is from one of my FAVORITE stores...Accents. I will move the baker's rack that is currently in the room out to the patio with the table it matches. I am still looking for a rug to anchor the table, and I am wanting to repaint the dining and do away with the red, and go a blue/gray color and add custom white moldings below the chair rail. I found a beautiful fabric to make new curtains and accessories. SUMMER PROJECT!! It is my mission to go light and white!

If you have taken time to visit my blog, just click on my follow button to follow my blog and I will enter you in a drawing for these petite bud vases! I LOVE mine! You can use them for flowers, holders, etc. If you already follow just let me know by leaving a comment! I look forward to hearing from you! Can't wait to give these will LOVE them! We will announce the winner on June 1st!! Just a few more days to ENTER!!



  1. Love the house Amy, it's beautiful!

  2. Very cute! You're a great decorator!

  3. I love your dining room! I also love those vases! I haev the size just larger than those.

  4. I think your dining room will be beautiful in a lighter shade. I love your table and chairs!! I can't wait to see it.


  5. I love the colors in the dining room, they are similar to the colors in my nursery!!