Sunday, May 31, 2009


My weekend started by attending our high school's graduation ceremony on Friday night. It is always so emotional....I hate endings!! It makes me sad to think that some of these kids I will never see again....however we do live in a small community. It is also bittersweet to know that many of them are going onto bigger things and the possiblities are endless for them.
Me and a co worker have officially been named the "Graduation Mommies". The graduates have to sit in an area off limits to everyone...including parents. Therefore, if they need anything we are there to help them. With 240 kids....there is much help needed fixing caps, tassels, stoles, cords, and just making sure they are all put together. And, there are always a few that show up and their absentee parents never ordered their cap and gowns, etc. Our rep from Josten's always brings me extra items for those kids in need...he is a blessing! So, we make sure that we get them all set up too. All 240 kids looked wonderful! I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful place! The graduation went wonderfully and there were over $3 million in scholarship money awarded. AWESOME!

The Graduates

Me and April....aka The Graduation Mommies

My dear Caitlin who has been like a daughter to me was awarded a $350,000 scholarship and appointment to the Coast Guard Academy where she will also be playing softball. She goes away in exactly 1 month! I am so sad to see her leave, but so excited for what her future holds!

Me and Caitlin

Caitlin and her boyfriend Nathan

Brant had to be there as well now that he is a School Board member. We really did not even see each other until we left. He was up on stage and then had to talk with tons of people afterwards. I was in the upper seats tending to the graduates, and then taking pics and visiting with them afterwards. We finally met up an hour later and went and had a late dinner at On the Border. Reid and Meagan took Maddie to Volleyball practice while we were gone and then spent the evening with MiMi and Paw Paw eating pizza and watching movies. It is so nice to have a child that drives and can help us out when we need it!

Saturday.....Brant and Reid got up early to go to Reid's 7 on 7 tournament in Waco. I stayed here with Maddie who had her last volleyball game. Well, they finished football early and were able to make it back in time to also go watch Maddie's game. After the game, we met up with about 10 couples and their kids and had dinner at Mirandas (Mexican Food again...YUM!). We had a great well as the kids!

Reid's in blue....#22

Maddie's Volleyball game

Sunday....we skipped church and slept in. I went to Lowe's and bought some more herbs for my planter garden, while Brant stayed home and did some yard work. We then got ready for Maddie's Basketball team's pool party! The girls had a blast and I got a bit of much needed sun! I know....I should not bask in the sun. I am really into keeping my skin safe and healthy...but I am a very fair skinned gal and needed just a kiss of the sun to look alive! LOL! I did wear suncreen so I would not burn! Just so you know!

Anyways....we are now enjoying a quiet evening at home w/Maddie while Reid is where else??? Meagan's house cooking out and swimming with her family! Maddie has us watching River Monsters on Animal sure makes me NEVER to want to swim or boat down a river again...EEEEEKKKK!

Well....I hope you all have a great week and LAST week of school! Tomorrow, I am going with Maddie's class on a field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium! We are catching the train and taking it into Dallas...FUN! I am looking foward to it. This will probably be my last field trip with her....since she is going into Middle school next year (sigh....). Then, only 3 more days left of school!! Well, for the kids anyways. I work through most of June, but it is very slow and I get alot done! YAY!



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