Sunday, May 10, 2009

A weekend full of blessings!!

Well....our weekend in general was pretty relaxing and enjoyable! Friday night Maddie had volleyball practice and afterwards we stopped by of my FAVORITE stores! We started off going to Starbucks and having drinks! Then...SHOPPING! Maddie got a great pair of cute gladiator sandals, and I scored a cute blouse! Plus, I got the new Lady Antebellum CD.....and Maddie and I jammed home to it! LOVE it! We had a great time together....I cherish the alone time I get with her. She is my little "mini me" and I enjoy shopping with her!

Saturday was very relaxing, Maddie had a volleyball game but not until 5:30pm, so we had the day to get some things done around the house. I recycled and reused 3 old photo frames that I was about to donate to a local charity but my Mom reminded me of how nice they I decided to keep them and paint them. Here is the before and after:

I am decorating one of the hallways in black and white these work perfect! I also repainted the zebra tins that I bought for Maddie last weekend with hot pink trim (forgot to take a pic).

We then went to watch Maddie's volleyball game and Mom, Dad, Reid and Meagan plus Brant and I all went. So, she had a big fan section! LOL! After the game we came home and grilled fajitas....YUM and watched the rest of the Mavericks game! BUMMER....what a game?? That is all I am going to say about that! It is not looking good for our Dallas Mavericks though....down 3-0. On the more positive side.....Saturday was election day here in our town for City Council and School Board. Well....Brant won the School Board election! YAY! He will be sworn into our school board later this month! I am so happy and proud for him!

Today was Mother's Day and it was a BLESSED one! I slept in a bit and woke up to flowers! We then got dressed and went to my FAVORITE place to eat on Mother's Day....Blue Mesa Grill! Every Sunday they have a wonderful brunch buffet....but on Mother's Day it is extra special and so crowded! They offer breakfast and lunch plus yummy desserts and they have the best sweet potato chips ever! Well...I love them anyways! They also have unlimited champagne and mimosas. We dined with my parents and Brant's parents and the kids. We had a great time having them all together. It made it and extra special day!

I LOVE being their MOTHER!!!

Mom and I

Our Moms

Brant and his Mom

My Parents and I

My boys

My beautiful children

Mom and I did some shopping before lunch at Pottery Barn and Williams and Sonoma and some other neat shops. After lunch, we went to Barnes and Nobles and I got 2 great of them I have been wanting for a while now. "The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen".

Can't wait to sit down and read it and cook some of the recipes!! We ended the day with what else??? My FAVORITE place on earth....STARBUCKS!!

I have to share with you all what my precious kids gave me for Mother's Day. Reid wrote me a poem. YES....that's right Reid! My big, tough, football player of a boy wrote a sweet poem and showed a softer side. It was such a thoughtful and sweet gift and a forever memory! He also snuck away one of the frames I had repainted and framed it! Even better!!

Maddie made me a PowerPoint presentation! It was so creative and cute.....I wish I could show it on here. She is such a creative soul. She also gave me a water thermos from Starbucks!
I am so truely blessed and thankful to be their MOTHER!

Well....I hope all of my friends, family and fellow bloggers had a BLESSED Mother's Day!! I can't wait to hear how you all spent your day!



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  1. what a beautiful family!
    you must be so proud.