Monday, May 11, 2009

Outdoor Vintage.....

On Mother's Day my Mom and I shopped a bit and the first place we went was POTTERY BARN. I wanted to look at sofas. However, I fell in love with their outdoor galvanized metal accessories. They are very fitting for summer entertaining....especially for a Texas Style Outdoor Bar-B-Q!

They had the serving tray, tubs, ice bucket w/ built in bottle opener, 3 tiered stand and my favorites are the drink caddy and the napkin holder with the salt and pepper shaker that weighs it down. They also had a wall cabinet for storage. They were very reasonably priced too.....all of their outdoor living furniture and accessories are 20% off right now!

This is not Pottery Barn but I love the vintage metal chairs and the shabby look of this with the rustic wood farm table and the metal accessories.

You can get these at Pottery Barn new....

They are cute with color....but I like the old metal vintage ones personally!

I hope you all had a wonderful day to start off your week! It seems as though so many of my friends and loved ones had a beautiful Mother's Day yesterday and seeing photos and hearing your stories made me SMILE :)




  1. I love PB also!! I could decorate my whole house from there and Ballard Designs!!

  2. as much as i like pottery barn,its just not my style.
    i do love all the outdoor furniture.

  3. I love pottery barn and I use them for most of my decorating idea. However I can not always afford them so I go to place like Home Goods, garage sales, target and yes even walmart:)

  4. Amy! So nice to meet you :)
    Thankyou for your comment and I hope you had a nice Mother's day as well! What great looking kids you have!! I really enjoy your crafty blog so keep up the great ideas inspiring others! <3 God Bless