Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slipcovers......and Brothers and Sisters


It was a beautiful day in TEXAS today!
Bright, sunny, and warm! The skies were clear blue and the clouds were white and fluffy!
I LOVE days like this and I am so ready for summer!
And even more ready to get some much needed projects around the house done. new obsession is slipcovers. Do I have any slipcovers?? NO! Well, just a few dining chairs. But, I will be the slip covering queen this summer! I hope??
Here are a few pics that are inspiring me:

One of my favorite and only shows I watch is "Brothers and Sisters" on ABC. I love it...and watch it every Sunday night! However, I am convinced that it is based on my life and family! LOL! DRAMA...HUMOR...TEARS...JOY....and more DRAMA! You have to laugh at it! But...if you only knew how very similar it seems at times! I LOVE and ADORE my family and would not have it any other way. It is NEVER a dull moment....if you only knew!! At the end of the day I have to sit and laugh at the silly spats we have, the gossipy phone calls, the looks we give each other across the dinner table when one is talking (ha ha), the conversations where we are laughing and crying at the same is quite comical! Especially between us girls and my Mom! But, all and all....I know how truly blessed I am to have them and how dull and boring my life would be without them! (Sigh) I mean that is why we LOVE shows like that, right??....for the DRAMA!

I just had to share that tidbit about my life!!

Remember the gardenias that I mentioned yesterday.....well here is a pic.

I looks a little sickly!

I planted 4 last summer and they did well for a while and then started looking a bit sick last fall. They hung on though....even though they do not look so pretty.
But.....they are blooming!! Well, minus one which seemed dead, but look!

There are a few green little branches that have there is hope! We shall see!

Here is a pic of my Hydrangea that just started to bloom.....

This was planted when we bought the house but this Spring we planted several more. They have already bloomed for this year, so I hope they come back even prettier next Spring.


Okay, so I have to share one more thing......Maddie got her new phone today! She has been begging us for a year for a new phone. This is her 3rd phone and she is only 12! It was delivered today, so she was a happy girl when she got home from school today! Her Daddy called and told me to tell her to start charging it and he would activate it when he got home. My answer to him, "Ummmm.....she has already been calling on it! She did it herself." LOL!

That's my girl!

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. I love Brothers and Sisters. I watch or DVR it every Sunday. My family is very much like theirs and that make me feel normal. HA HA

  2. I love that burlap ottoman...I want one.


  3. I love all of those slipcovers!! However, white and me do NOT get along!!!