Monday, May 4, 2009

Stormy weather, Swine Flu and SHOPPING!

Well....since the SWINE FLU seems to have put a damper on all of TEXAS and all of the kids activities have been cancelled until further notice, I had the weekend to do "ME" stuff! I REALLY wanted to go to Canton (First Monday Trade Days) on Saturday and almost went all by myself. Yeah....I know people think it is weird that I go alone, but I like it that way. Do not get me wrong I love to go with my girlfriends and shop with them too, however when I am by myself I can go to the far back where all the cheap junk is! You find the greatest stuff out there! Although, I have many favorite vendors in the Pavillions too! Anyways, low and behold I did not go! And, I am glad I didn't! The storm that hit most of our region of Texas was a BIG one! Anyways, instead of going to Canton, I decided to stay close to home and I took my parents to Old Towne Burleson to shop. They have some of the neatest boutiques and one of my favorite places to shop for antiques and vintage stuff...Ellison Street Interiors. They have some of the most beautiful antiques at great prices. I go in about every 2 weeks because they get new stuff in. We also ate at my favorite place, Frescos! YUMMY Mexican food! Of coarse, the storm hit during our was a bit scary for a bit! We also went into a few other stores. Here are a few of my finds.....

I found this great basket at Pier One on clearance for 75% off, so it was $6.00. It is very large and I thought it would great to use for outside dining, parties, etc. I also LOVE mercury glass and found these votives for $3 for the larger ones and $1.80 for the small ones. So, I got all 4 for $10!

I got these cute zebra tins for Maddie's room. She loves zebra stuff and we have a bit mixed in her room. We plan on painting the gold trim hot pink. She can use them to put her trinkets in or maybe use in her bathroom to keep her hair stuff, etc. in. I got them for $12 for both at TJ Maxx! You an finf the best stuff there!

Last, I got this picture frame at where else?? Hobby Lobby...It was on sale 50% off. It has the greatest scripture, as you can read. I bought it to go over a shelf in my entry way, but when I got home I did not like it there. So, I decided that I would hang it over my entry table...I like to change that area up every month or so.

Here it is hung over a table in my entry....I have not put a photo in it yet!

Okay....well enough of my shopping finds! I just LOVE finding good deals!!

Oh....and did I mention I bought a sofa off Craigslist. It was only $200 and I got the lady to go down to $150! was a steal! I have been wanting to find a nice, comfy sofa to make a custom slip cover for. I found a great denim one in perfect condition and the perfect style and size and plan on recovering it. Do I know where I am going to put it??? NO! Ha ha. I guess it depends on how it turns out. But, it will be great to practice on. It is not something that I really was just a impulse buy. I will post a pic this week of it. Pink and Polkadot blog has a tutorial on how to do a custom I am going to try it. She does all of her furniture herself and does a beautiful job and has a beautiful home! Wish me luck! Here is hers: I found a couple of new blogs to share with you:

Angelica Grace Designs......she has an amazing home (My Dream kitchen!!), an amazing family and is just a talented and amazing person. She also has a business where she makes oh -so-cute clothing, jewelry, bags, and pillows. Plus, she is a great photographer!

Bienvenue....Sue Harris......She also loves to decorate, and on a budget! She also has a business where she makes pretty signs for your home. So, check out her blog!

These are just a few of the blogs that I follow....there are so many great, neat ladies out there!

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed week!



  1. looks like you had a lot of fun shopping! I'm glad you were safe in the storm! Good luck with the slipcover!

  2. Where did you find your ribbon plate?!?! Love it!

  3. What a sweetheart you are. I just found this post. My site tracker directed me back to it. You are too kind. Thank you so very much for mentioning myself and my business on your blog. Thanks also for the wonderful compliments on our kitchen. :) I sent you a facebook request when I saw your link on your side bar. Enjoy your Wednesday evening and keep in touch.

    Blessings, Angie Seaman