Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday's Prayer.....and

Dear God,
Thank you for your ability to look at my life and see the potential. Would you take my brokenness - all that I am - and piece together a work of beauty that can reflect your splendor? Help me to bring everything to you until your work in me is made complete in your presence.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Blame it on the "SWINE FLU".......
Wow....I have not had a moment to blog in over a week! Our family has been so BUSY this week! With the "Swine Flu" scare here in Texas and all events that were previously scheduled cancelled, it threw everything off. All of the kids games, end of year programs, awards, field trips, etc. got recsheduled and it seemed it happened all this past week! There were few nights where we had to be 2 places at the same time and managed to do it! Here is how our week went:

Last Thursday:
HERO Ceremony at the high school. I was honored! Caitlin honored me as her HERO. She could not be thre at the Ceremony....she was playing in a VERY important softball game! But, here is one of my Co-Workers Kathey and I posing with the frame that Caitlin made for me. It is hanging in my office.


Our #1 ranked in the state girls softball team played here at our stadium, the whole town came. It was a great game.....and they LOST! It was a sad moment for our girls, but so many of them are moving on to play in college! CONGRATS to them!

Up a 6am, Reid had a 7 on 7 football tournament an hour away....Maddie had a Basketball Tournament all day in another town the opposite direction. Daddy was working, so I was at it alone! Luckily, my parents were here to help out. I was going to go with Reid and they were taking Mad. Luckily, due to the severe thunderstorms....Reid's football got cancelled. So, I was able to drive all the way back and make it to Maddie's first game. I was a bit late...but made it! I am so thankful my parents have moved closer to us....what a HUGE help!


Back to Maddie's tournament for the day! We did finish fairly early, so we got home and I was able to have a little time to make it to the grocery store to get some things for what seemed to be 50 field trips this week, where we had to pack lunches, snacks, and drinks! And....Daddy was working again! Missed him!


Crazy week at work! It is the week before Graduation at our school! Soooo much to plan and do! Maddie's school had their 6th grade track meet. I was able to get away from school for a while to go and watch. (NO pictures.....I had my camera, but no memory card...grrrr). It is when all of the 6th graders from the elementarys in our area come together and compete. Maddie did great! They had a to be outside all day and see some of their friends from other schools. After school, we watched Reid in Spring football practice and then we went home to do homework and start dinner. As I am sitting at home enjoying not having to be anywhere, I got a text that said "Why are ya'll not at Volleyball?". OMG....I forgot!! So, we rushed there to be 20 minutes late, and I had to watch Maddie run several laps for being late. Talk about feeling like a TERRIBLE mother! I am not sure how I forgot??? We did not get to practice for a few weeks due to the "SWINE FLU" scare, so we are so off schedule this week! Anyways, needless to say.....they had a TERRIBLE practice. All of the girls on Maddie's volleyball team were also at the Track Meet all day, so they were all exhausted! Daddy was away all evening at his first School Board meeting. He was officially sworn in, so it is the start of his term! I know he will do a great job for our district and kids! I am so proud of him!

After work and school, we had Reid's NHS Induction Ceremony. So, Reid had to rush home from football practice, shower, and get dressed. At the same time, Maddie had basketball practice. Luckily, both were at the high school, so we managed. Yet again! It was such a nice ceremony. The students do the whole thing on their own, and they did such a phenomenal job!After Reid's ceremony, we went with Reid's girlfriend, Meagan and her family to dinner. We had a great time. We are so blessed to have such great teenagers!

Reid and Ben (who is a Senior and has been Reid's mentor in football and just overall). He is the BEST kid ever! Reid has been lucky to have him as a role model. He inducted Reid into NHS.....and is graduating and moving on to play football at ACU!

Reid and his grandmothers.

Some of Reid's friends and fellow Sophomores.

Being goofy!
Jacob, REid, and 2 of Reid's best friends, Blake and Marty

Reid and Meagan

Ben inducting Reid

Ben and Reid

me an my baby boy

Reid and his Dad

Maddie had a field trip w/ the 6th grade band. They went to an amusement park called Sandy Lake Park. They have band competitions out there each year and when the kids finish, they get to play afterwards. Daddy was originally going to go on this trip with her, but again due to the "SWINE FLU", it was cancelled. They said they could not reschedule, however at the last minute they were able to and neither one of us could get off to go. I hated that one of us were not there. One of us always is! But, I had one of Maddie's best friend's mom look after her for me, so I felt better about that. Maddie had tumbling class later that night...but we skipped it. She had a long day again in the heat outside. She needed to rest. So, we actually did not have anything to do Wednesday evening, but stay home! YAY!


Maddie had yet another Field Trip for Student Council.....but it got CANCELLED. I have to say, I was a bit grateful. he kids and the parents need a break! I worked late Thursday at school to finish our Graduation programs. We are doing REALLY nice ones this year, and I had to design, and get it typed and make sure there were NO mistakes! The last thing you want to do is leave someone off! I am a I was stressing over it! It is done now....and goes to print on Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I know it is going to be LOVELY though! Anyways, when I got home I helped Reid work on his project for his theatre arts class. In Texas they have to have a fine arts credit to graduate. At our school they can take Band, Choir, Dance, Art, or theatre. Reid is really not into any of those things, but he ha had a BLAST in theatre arts this year. They have done some really fun projects. Well, this project was that they had to create their own music video with them lip syncing in it. So, we dressed Reid like a ROCK STAR and he sung Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer". He knew the words from playing ROCK BAND. LOL! Maddie and I directed and choreographed it for him! LOL! It was quite funny!! We all laughed really hard that night after we finished and watched the video! Daddy was gone all evening at a training workshop for school board. We have missed him this week!

Friday: is the end of a LONG, LONG week!! And, a 3 day weekend!! It was also our high school's PROM. That yet again....due to the "SWINE FLU" was cancelled in May 9th and rescheduled! I was not going to go...I was just exhausted from this week. Alot of the girls came by and showed me their dresses and alot of kids were in our neighborhood taking group photos, and that was good enough for me. But, another teacher that I work with called and begged me to go. So, I took off my sweats and attempted to do something with my hair that was already in a pony tail. I got dressed in about 30 minutes and we were off! We planned on making an appearance, seeing the kids, and leaving. I am glad I was so wonderful! All of the kids looked DASHING! We ended up staying until the very end! I am so proud of the kids at our school...they are the most polite, well mannered, well behaved kids! I am so blessed to be a part of it! It was a great night!


Up early...and off to Stephenville, Texas (Yes, Ty Murray's on Dancing w/ the Stars hometown!). Maddie had another Basketball tournament. So, we spent the whole day there and got home about 9:30pm. LOOOOONG day! But, the girls played great! Daddy was working again.....missed him! Mom and dad came with me and kept me company.

Well.....back to Stephenville for the final day of the tournament. Luckily, I got to sleep in a bit, and not be so rushed today. We do not have to leave until 1:00pm. YAY! Wish us luck,....hopefully the girls make it to the Championship game!!
NO PLANS!!! YAY!! Just staying home and relaxing and catching up on things!

Have a BLESSED day!!

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