Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I LOVE Aprons....aren't they adorable??

They can be so fun wear, to give as gifts, and I hope to make one soon. I inherited a couple of old, vintage aprons a few years ago when my hubbie's family was having an estate sale after his 95 year old beloved grandmother passed away. What my mother and sister in laws did not appreciate...I did! I snagged them up along with some vintage tablecloths and pot holders. Plus, much more! They are such a throw back to the old days....and I LOVE vintage! I so could have lived back in the 50's and been like June Cleaver. Dressing up and wearing a cute apron , taking care of the kids, tidying up the house and cooking a great dinner while waiting to greet my husband home from work. YES....I am a bit old fashioned. NO....I am not a submissive wife at all! I just LOVE being domestic and I enjoy being a lady-like kind of gal. Do not get me wrong...I do not cook everyday, and actually my hubbie cooks alot of our dinners. My house is rarely perfect.....but a girl can dream, right? Aprons are! Which is "so" me too! I mean come on....I grew up in Mesquite! Here are some "oh-so-cute" aprons that I adore!

The Handmaiden's Cottage-Etsy

This is a crafters apron that I just ordered off Etsy!

So pretty........

The Handmaiden's Cottage - Etsy

44th Street Fabric - Etsy


Fancy Boutique- Etsy

Layla Grace

You gotta love country girls!

And my favorite appron wearing ladies....The Farm Chicks!!

If you do not have their cookbook, it is a MUST!

One day I hope they bring their flea market on the road to Texas!

Like I said the other day....things are slowing down here at the Rose home now that school is almost out....1 more day! Maddie had her 6th grade awards and received awards for Honor Roll, Citizenship, Math award, Pride award, and was recognized for getting 100% on her Math TAKS, and she also got Commended and only missed 2 on her reading. So proud of her!
Reid is finished with school for the year. He received 12 exemptions on his exams for good attendance and getting commended on all 4 of his TAKS. So, he was exempt for all of his semester exams! Bribery works!! LOL! He was one happy high school student! All of his best friends were they got out early today when exams started and came over and hung out all day. I have 3 boys over for the school for them tomorrow! It pays to be a good kid!

Maddie and her BFF's after the awards! They all racked up on awards!!
Middle they come!

Well.....tomorrow is the official last day of school!



  1. Love the aprons...and I with you about the old fashion thing. I could SO do that in real life...take care of home. I checked out the farm chicks too, thanks!

  2. love all the aprons!! I need to wear them more because I always make a mess!!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh I SO LOVE VINTAGE TOO~!! I have some old aprons that were given to me that my mom KNEW I'd want that belonged to my Gmother who passed away at age 95! I got some GORGEOUS slips (under garments...nobody ever wears any more) that are SO gorgeous it's not even funny. If I were only a size -0, I could fit into them! She wasn't short but about 5'6" tall but TINY around...the slips are full ones and could easily be worn today as a very fancy smancy dressy dress anywhere you wanted to look FAB~!!!!! I am TOYING with the idea of actully cutting into them so I can at least use the top part (it's right below the chest that they start to get sooooooooo teeny tiny!) and buy some sheer fabric to complete the bottom part and make them into very very gorgeous blouses that I KNOW would turn eyes!!! Mine included--lol! I'd be beaming if I had one on, that's for sure! I just hate to destroy what is...b/c they were worn by my wonderful Gmother who mostly spoke French. My dad spoke fluent French b/c both my Gmother & Gfather did but he tried to make them speak English. lol I was in awe as a kid growing up and even as an adult long after my dear Gfather passed away long long before my sweet Gmother did-of how beautiful my Gmother was and that she spoke with such a soft sweet voice and add the beautiful French to it and I look like a donkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol She AND my mother were such beautiful women and the epitomy of "female" and I think the gene skipped right over me!! Wah!!

    Your rooms are all equally wonderful and I, too, am a huge Scrapbooker! Don't even get me started on that subject...and I hope I'm not getting you mixed up with another blog I read.....I've been reading instead of doing what I'm supposed to b/c we're sitting here just waiting for decorators/designers to show up to totally do makeovers in both our girl's bedrooms. We could book a few trips and back to Europe for what it's going to cost to have their rooms totally renovated (heck you could buy a new Mercedes! And maybe another car too-a Lexus would probably not be out of the question price wise to compare...)--but...I am all about having the rooms done just right and they WILL be wonderful no doubt, but we WILL have to shell out BIG BIG MAJOR bucks!! lol

    Love you blog! I've GOT TO LEARN HOW TO BLOG and how to do things on here-so I can take some pics of things I treasure and put them on my blog. I am at a total loss right now however-yesterday or maybe the day before that was my first day to actually try to create a blog and then I wondered where my brain fell out of my head I have TIME to be doing THIS??? ...LOL! Well, I was HOOKED when I accidentally found Kelly's Korner that a relative of mine reads-so now look what I've done-have you SEEN HOW MANY PPL ARE ON THAT LIST???? And you think I don't want to read EVERY SINGLE ONE???? Ha! Think again...I will get to each one and I pick randomly. Seen some beautiful homes and it made me feel great to know I'm not the only one with such a huge home. I was left some comments already to put me down for what we have (I removed the pictures I think I'll put them back up!!! It took an act of congress and both my kids to help me get them on there! And they're way way too tiny but it's the BEST we can do for now! But we have a home that's about 8900 sq ft, 3 story and we think it's beautiful At least I no longer feel the need to HIDE just b/c we are so blessed to have a 3 story home that is absolutely gorgeous (or we think if I lived in a tent, I would find some way to make into a palace.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and enjoyed reading everything and love your home!!! Beautiful!! Great ideas too, for sure!

    God Bless you and your family!!