Thursday, June 25, 2009

Childhood Icons....Gone.

Wow.....did this album have an influence on me!

Beat It, Billie Jean, P.Y.T. , Wanna Be Startin Something, and THRILLER!!

Remember the Thriller video on MTV? My friends and I would watch MTV all day just to watch that one video! I knew almost the entire dance! That was well before the days of VHS and better yet DVR's!

My kids viewed Michael Jackson as a "freak". Their generation did not see the Micheal Jackson that my generation watched. He was idolized by my generation. He was truely an entertainer and so talented! It is sad that all of the scandal change his status. Was it true?? Who knows?? He did seem like a pretty giving, caring person. Yes...he became strange, weird, "freakish".....but I will always remember him like this.....

Wow....could he dance and MOONWALK!

Onto another childhood Icon....FARRAH!!

WOW....every man (and woman) adored this poster of her!

I idolized her! I had a Farrah Fawcett barbie doll that I played with constantly and my parents love to tell the story of how much I loved my "Sarah Sawcett" doll (so...I called her). And....didn't we all love watching Charlie's Angels....until she left the show anyways. She has gone through so many personal struggles and of coarse her brave battle with cancer. She was a TEXAS girl and made us proud.......

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  1. I was so shocked at the loss of Michael Jackson, and sad!