Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day.....a few days after and MY ZOO!

I know...I know.....Father's Day was like 4 days ago!
But, better late than never. I had a busy weekend and week! Well....this is where I spent Friday, Saturday.......and Father's Day!

Maddie had a tournament...why on Father's Day weekend?? Because the Daddy's wanted to! LOL! The tournament was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Brant worked a double at the Fire Station on Fri. and Sat. so I was on my own. The tournament was in Weatherford which is about 45 minutes from us. It is such a charming town.....lots of antique and vintage stores and boutiques. I was really hoping that in between games and I could get away and do some shopping. Well, my Maddie was not in the mood to shop, so no luck with that! I did start reading a new book though, "My Sister's Keeper". I was able to read it in between games, in a gym full of chaos! people kept asking me how I read with all that noise and commotion....it is my little escape I guess. Anyways...so far I LOVE the book! The movie comes out at the end of this month, so hopefully I can get it finished soon.

Sunday morning, Brant got home from the station and we welcomed him with a few gifts....

The kids have made stepping stones over the years for their Daddy with their hand prints/footprints and it has been a while, so I thought it would be fun to make one this year. It was quite a sight painting Reid's size 12 feet and doing his footprints! We had fun doing it.....they are still my babies! We had them sitting on the front porch and stuck a card in the wreath. I texted Brant and told him to make sure he went in the house through the front door rather than the side garage. We also got him some nice leather flips flops and some tools!

We had to leave early after Brant got home to get to Maddie's first game of the day. So, Maddie, Brant and I hit the road. I was able to see my dad for a bit and give him his gift before we left town. Reid was exhausted, so we let him sleep in and stay home. We went to Maddie's game....they lost. They took 3rd place overall....YAY for them! We dropped by Brant's Mom and stepdads on the way back to visit with them for a bit. After we left, Brant then decided he wanted to go to downtown Fort Worth on the way home and eat dinner and see a movie. So...we hit Sundance Square! One of my favorite places in Fort Worth!

Brant and Maddie

As we were walking and I was taking pics (as always) a very nice guy (group of Harley riders) stopped and asked if I wanted him to take our pic.....Of Coarse!

The Courthouse

Courtyard and Dining patio

Brant wanted to eat Seafood...so we decided on Daddy Jack's.

Me and my "Baby's daddy"

(Maddie took our pic)

After lunch...we went to Starbucks, walked around a bit, and headed to Barnes and Noble. I bought another gift for my daddy. He had mentioned a few days before about a book he wanted to get. He did not know the name of the book, but he had told me the story and what it was about. It is sports related of coarse! I told him it sounded like a story that they needed to make into a movie. Well....I did some research and found the book! When I was checking out the lady told me they are making a movie about it and it will be filmed in and around Fort Worth! The book is called "Twelve Might Orphans" .

I was so happy I found it and surprised my dad with it later that evening!

After book shopping, we headed to the movie theater in Sundance and saw "UP". Brant wanted to see it. I am so glad we did! It is one of the BEST movies I have seen in a while!! LOVED IT!!

When we left the movies...it was dark! We walked to the car and saw this.......

there she was.....the Angel at Bass Hall!
I ADORE that building. It is so pretty, especially lit up at night!
We had a great day.......I was sad that Reid was not with us. He spent the evening with his Dad though and they played the PS3! Another thing Daddy enjoys!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the BEST DADDY a Mommy could ever dream for her children!!
Brant has always been the most hands on Daddy! He has changed an equal amount of diapers over the years and got up for night feedings (even with me being a Stay-at-Home mom), bathed them, tucked them in, read them stories, helped them with homework, taught them how to swing, swim, ride their trikes and bikes, play soccer, baseball, softball, hockey, basketball, snow ski, and fish, fly a kite, attempted to do ponytails and even add the bows when I was not there to do it, played dress up and had tea parties, carpooled when I couldn't, was the "Room Dad" at the kid's school when I needed him to be, was gracious when I volunteered him to help with the kid's activities and school functions, taught them to cook, make homemade smoothies, eat crawfish (yuck), draw trees, download music, making them technologically knowledgable (LOL), taught them to love animals, love God, treat people with compassion and respect, take pride in everyting they do and I know there are a million other things.........he is the most patient father that I know! On top of that working so hard to provide for us and taking us on awesome family vacations and giving us a beautiful home to live in...and allowing me to be a stay at home Mommy for years.I am so blessed to have such a great man helping me raise our kids....we are a great team!! LOVE you honey!

On another note......it is OFFICIAL. Bella is ours!!
Reid found Bella last week and begged to bring her home. We agreed, but explained that he needed to attempt to find her true owner. He took pictures and made flyers and hung them around town. Well, the next day....daddy got a call (frown). We were sad and Maddie sobbed. We all had a TON of questions for daddy about this so called lady that claimed to be her owner! LOL! She claimed she had been missing a month, and that she wandered off. They do not keep her fenced (a bit common in the country). She claimed they had only had her for 6 months and had taken her off the hands of an elderly lady. Then , she explained her little girl had been missing her. Awwww....we were ready to return her. Although, us being dog lovers were worried about her running around and getting lost again. We had decided we were going to get a tag made for her and a phone #, so that if she was to get lost again she could be returned. We were about to load Bella up and return her, when Brant called us back and said that the lady had talked with her daughter and that they did not want Bella back....we could keep her. Apparently, they have another dog that just had puppies, and her daughter would rather keep a puppy. YAY for us! However, swore we would never have more than 2 dogs....well, now we have 3! Bella is sooooo sweet and we adore her! When we found out we were keeping her, we went straight to the pet store and bought her her own collar and her own food bowl. The kids are happy....and Reid is claiming Bella as "his" dog! Our dogs are very spoiled and are 100% inside dogs.....but we have kept Bella outside so far. At least until we get her to the vet and all checked out. She loves it outside and is a great "guard" dog! She is a great barker! Especially since our 2 others dogs do not realize that they are dogs and can actually bark!

Of coarse this dog is not taking it well...she does not like sharing any attention! Hopefully she will come around soon!


And this one....well she could care less. She is too busy chasing all the toads around the house!


Well.....I hope you are all having a great week!! I am off for the summer after tomorrow and have many projects planned. I am attempting for the first time to make custom fitted slipcovers for a sofa and 2 chairs! Wish me luck! It is a bit overwhelming........

My house is literally a ZOO....I think my mother thinks I am crazy for having a house full of animals and kids!!
I LOVE my ZOO....


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