Saturday, June 6, 2009

Got some JUNK in the TRUNK!!

Okay...well not in the trunk....but my Suburban!! Ha Ha.

So..... Brant, Maddie and I headed out to the Cattle Barns Flea Market today. What is that you ask?? Well out at the Will Rodgers Coliseum area in downtown Fort Worth in the Cultural Arts section there are old, historic Cattle Barns...and they are still used. But the #1 barn has a flea market every Saturday and Sunday. We shopped for a few hours and here are some of our finds!

Maddie was so curious about theses old vintage skates. She kept asking me questions about them after she saw them and we continued to shop. Right before we left, she said she really wanted them. I told her only if thhey were $5 or less. So, we went back to the lady that had them and asked how much they were....$5.00! So...they came home with us! Here she is with them on and her homemade straps! She realized very quickly that kids had it rough skating in those back then. I explained that they appreciated them...they did not know any different! It was very sweet to see her.....

When we were there shopping an older lady that we had ran in to on several occasions there, stopped and said to Maddie "Your Mom is teaching you the right way to shop and a true love for vintage treasures." I thought that was sweet! Maddie is such a free spirit and she does appreciate old things...I love that! She is a budding decorator too....she loves it!

Here is some shabby chic fabric I got. It was 2 pieces for 50 cents!

Here is an old antique folding chair we found. is a bit of an eye sore right now, dusty and tattered. It is red and rustic and I plan on fixing the seat and making a cute chair pad for it. It is going to be SUPER cute when I am done....I hope! I have no clue where I am putting it...probably the back porch. It was $7.00...DEAL!

I have been in desperate need of a step ladder around the house. I am always rearranging and hanging things, and I am always using chairs and standing on random things to do it. It is old but sturdy. And painted a pretty, soft pale robins egg blue.....PERFECT!!

And here is my JUNK JEWEL of the day...............................

This old, vintage desk/table. It is very shabby and has character. I LOVE the legs on it! It was ONLY $20!!! I am redecorating my dining and family room this summer, and I am doing away with most of my dark wood furniture and adding shabby white pieces. This is perfect for my entry way. I was so excited about this find!

My wonderful hubbie was a great sport and pretended he liked it, but I knew he could not wait to be done! Ha!

After buying all that junk...we were hungry and headed to eat. We ended up at MONTGOMERY PLAZA in downtown Fort Worth. It is the old, historic Montgomery Ward's store that was built in the 20's and they have turned it into residences with shopping and restaurants. Very cool place! We ate at GLORIA'S....great mexican food! We dined outside on the was a BEAUTIFUL day!


After lunch...we headed home! We saw a 7-11 downtown and we stopped to get gas and SLURPEES! those bring back memories! I LOVED those as a kid....and we have no 7-11 anywhere near us now, so it has been a while. They used to just have Cherry and Coca Cola flavors when I was a kid. Now there are about 10!

Us being silly!!!

When we got home, Mom and I headed to Hobby Lobby! We got some good finds there as well....Gotta love Hob Lob! We spent the evening sitting on the back porch visiting with my Mom and Dad and had a light dinner....cold cut sandwiches! It was a nice, breezy evening.

It was a blessed day....and I enjoyed spending it with 3/4 of my family! We missed Reid (he would have been miserable shopping!) though. He and several of his friends spent the night at his friend Clayton's house and hung out and swam. He has a great group of friends who have wonderful parenst who we are all close with. So...we take turns entertaining and feeding the boys! SUMMER is here...and LOVIN' it!



  1. What fantastic finds....Love the skates, I actually had those when I was growing up...brings back memories. Can hardly wait to see what you create with the chair and the desk...I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Hi Amy,
    What a fun time you had. I love that desk, but my absolute favorite find is the stepladder. It's adorable. I love to go to places like that. Thanks for your prayers for Jacks.

    You and your daughter look adorable!!

  3. Sounds like alot of fun!!! We love Glorias and Slurpees!! (the team used to go every Wednesday and get one after practice)
    Thank you for your sweet note and prayers!! You are such a sweet person!!
    Have a great Sunday,

  4. Hi Amy! I just saw you were following my blog and decided to stop over! I love your daughters fun and funky room! It is perfect for a teenager!