Sunday, June 14, 2009

How do I even keep up with the Roses????

It was another busy weekend for us! We started off Friday with going back to our hometown to take Reid to a football camp that Baylor University was hosting. It was for upcoming juniors and seniors, and it is basically a "recruiting" camp. Reid did great and got some attention! He felt really good on how he did also...which is great! Reid is so competitive and is really hard on himself (wonder where he gets that from?), so I am always happy when he is satisfied with himself.

Here is Reid (left) and his teammate Collin taking break....they were pretty "pooped" out! The camp was from 3pm to 6pm...and in Texas that is the hottest part of the day! It was 96 degrees and humid that day...which felt like 100 degrees!

After the camp and since we were in town, we headed to our dear friend's, The Nelsons, for dinner. Gema fixed crab cakes for an appetizer, and lettuce wedges w/ blue cheese dressing drizzled with caramelized honey pecans and sun died tomatoes (YUM!). For dinner we had baked red snapper with a cream sauce, grilled asparagus, and cous cous. It was delicious....I always beg her to open her own restaurant. And, her home was beautiful as always! We really miss all of our great friends and it is always great to go back and visit!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for another Basketball Tournament for Maddie. Brant had to work, so I was at it alone. I got up and packed the drinks, sandwiches (Thanks Mom...she made them for me) and snacks. I ALWAYS have a bag full of snacks and all the girls know that! It was a full day of 3 games with a few hours in between. So....what did I do to kill time?? I went to some antique stores....but did not get a thing! I did find an antique fireplace mantle top with a beautiful beveled mirror, but it did not have a price on it. The owner was so busy with others....I did not have the patience to wait and ask. I may have to go back and check on has been on my mind! Maddie's team won 2 games and lost 1, so they did great! She even had 12 points in one game...which is great for her! Maddie had one of her friends/teammates come with us to stay the night. So, we picked up a pizza and headed 9pm. The girls ate, showered, painted nails, and hit the bed to watch a movie. We were back up this morning....skipped going to church again! We fed the girls and headed back to the tournament for 2 more games. Brant was home it was nice to have him with me, plus it was or ANNIVERSARY! The girls lost the first game by 1 point!! They played the 2nd game and won, so they took 3rd place! YAY! More than anything....the girls had FUN! We all headed to Chili's to eat and the girls had milkshakes (before their meal) and Pizza! I guess that technically was Brant and I's anniversary dinner....Ha Ha!

Maddie going up for the shot!

The girls getting their trophy and medals.

We headed home and Maddie got cleaned up and headed down the street for her friend's slumber party! We have to get her up at 7:30am to go to Volleyball Camp in the morning. About 6 of the girls there are going, so she is not the only one. Can we say TIRED??? To be 12 again! I sit. A quiet house. (sighhhh)




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