Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Monday of School and LIMITS!

Well, this is our last week of school!! YAY! Maddie's 6th grade class had their field trip today. It was suppose to be in early May, however the SWINE FLU scare delayed it until today! We left her school at 8am sharp and headed to the train station in Fort Worth. We then boarded and headed to Downtown Dallas t the West End to go to the Dallas World Aquarium. We had a great time!

Maddie's class had T-shirts made....they all had their name on the back. Here they are boarding the train.

Maddie and some of her friends!

Me and Maddie watching the turtles and other creatures swim.

Brant and Maddie in front of the Starfish tank. I did not set my camera right but the true colors of the starfish and other living creatures were hot pink, bright orange, etc. so PRETTY!

This was one lone itty bitty starfish stuck on the glass in a tank full of other fish. It was saying "HELP ME, HELP ME" So cute! Maddie took this pic!

We then rode the train back to Fort Worth and the rode back into town. We arrived back at the school about 5:00pm and then had to rush home and change for Reid's Spring Athletic Banquet at the high school. We went it picked Meagan up to go is a pic. She always looks so adorable.

It was a LONG Monday.......I am so ready for the kids to be on Summer Break ! I am sure all of you are ready for that too! The kids will be busy with their extracurricular activities, but still a lot slower pace! YAY! I have never felt as worn out and burned out as I have this past school year. I am very energetic and love for the kids to be involved and I am the queen of multi tasking, however I met my limit this year. The kids were severely overscheduled. Somehow they both managed to keep straight A's and both get commended on all their TAKS test. We always take the extra time to make sure academics come first and foremost. We have definitely learned a lesson and made a rule that the kids will not be allowed to do more than 2 activities at a time. I know...I know, you are thinking 2?? What about 1 at a time? Well, hey! 2 is a start! We need LIMITS!! Come on SUMMER....just 3 more days of school!




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