Friday, June 5, 2009

Office Space

This week on "Show Us Where You Live F-R-I-D-A-Y" at Kelly's Korner it is offices.
Well, we do not technically have an office...we have 3 offices areas. That is what I loved about this has great use of space. We have 3 built in desk areas of our home. We have a desk area in the kitchen, one in the hallway by the Master bedroom and another one on the kids side of the house in between their rooms.I have not really done alot to them just yet as far as decorating. I do want to paint both halls and I would like to paint the desk and shelves white or black. I have not decided yet! is on my list of things to do!

This is my desk area in the kitchen. I use my laptop there.

This is the kids desk area between their bedrooms. Unfortunately...I have not really decorated it at all yet. I hope to paint the built ins black or white. I also want to paint the hall...not sure what color yet. I plan on doing this area in black and white for sure and to make a slipcover for the chair. I have started doing the wall in black frames and hope to have a wall full of photos soon. I want to get baskets w/ those cute chalkboard tags for the shelves for storage and would like to add a runner on the floor and I have my eye on a drop pendant light that would look great!

This is a collage of black and white photos from New York City. We spent 10 days there in March, and we LOVE IT there!! I have many photos that I hope to frame and add to our wall.

This is a framed photo we gave to Daddy for Fathers Day about 4 years ago. It says "Our Hero" and the photo was taken with their Daddy in front of his fire truck.

On of my favorite crosses!!

This is another desk area in another hallway. As you can see...I have done NOTHING to it yet! I hope to also paint the walls and the built ins also. I hope to do it this summer!

Hallway Wall

Lots of cluttered shelves full of pics! You can not see them well, but the 2nd shelve on the right has both kids first picture right when they were born and their baby shoes bronzed.

Well....I know my spaces are a bit boring, after seeing the pics I am OTIVATED to get them decorated! I will keep you posted! I will post pics this summer after I am finished decorating these areas!! Hopefully!!



  1. I really like your multiple office areas- you've got lots of options!! And I love the framed photo you did for your hubby, what a sweet and important gesture.

    BTW, I scrolled down and have to say that I LOVE your aprons!!

  2. Your home is beautiful. We don't have an office, but it would be day. I love the print from NY.

  3. My office is in my dungeon basement so I will not be displaying it today!! You have three very neat and tidy looking office spaces!!

  4. I love your offices!! I love your nook in the kitchen, I so wish that I had that. How cool for your kids space in between rooms, I like that too!!

  5. So cute! I love the nooks with the special little details.

  6. I like the kitchen desk - so pretty!!

  7. How wonderful to have built in desks! I love each little nook. So cozy!


  8. Amy this is a pretty office area you have!
    I'm inspired by the beautiful memo boards I am seeing today and yours is no exception. ~Lovely.

    Have a blessed weeked.
    ~Melissa :)

  9. Ohhh Amy! Totally forgot to tell you we're also HUGE HUGE Longhorn fans! Hubbie got his degree from UT Austin and I grew up in Austin from age 5 till we got married. Then hubbie felt he'd make a lot more money in Dallas (so true) than in Austin at the time. I didn't finish college but haven't felt like I've been lacking in anything b/c of it. I had my eyes set on having a family with God leading us allllll the way and I was fortunate enough to never have to work. :) I love being a stay at home mom!!

    We're just booked rooms at Flying L Rancy in Bandera-just a few miles from Hunt TX where my gfather owned the only grocery store/gas station until a flood wiped them out & they moved to Kerrville. My bro and I both were born in Kerrville. We still have family there & friends and both in Austin, too. Love Austin so much. Still do. But can't wait to go on the trip down among God's gorgeous country just below Kerrville in July.

    Well this's getting too long-so HOOK EM HORNS!!!!! And God Bless His Longhorns! I have a great sign on our huge back porch I got at First Monday that says that on it-best sign I

    Can't wait to get the Farm Chicks cookbook too! Thanks soooo much for that tip!!
    God bless all of you!!