Friday, June 12, 2009

Show us Where You Live FRIDAY...and another busy day!

Kelly's Korner is hosting BATHROOMS this week! I have been DREADING this one! We have 3 full bathrooms....well really 4! I have not done anything to our bathrooms. No paint, no fixtures, no NOTHING!! We had so much to do when we bought this house...the bathrooms have been at the bottom of my list. I am not happy with sharing theses pics...but hey, I am blessed to have a bathroom for everyone in our house! (smile....)

This is our guest bath..that is in the hall off the living room and the guest room is across the hall. The only thing I did was paint the walls a neutral color and we laid hardwood floors throughout our entire home. People think I am crazy for having hardwoods in the bathrooms, but they are doing just fine! This is the first bathroom on my list to start decorating!!

Reid and Maddie have their own sink and dressing areas, but share a tub and toilet. Here is Maddie's wild and funky bathroom!

Here is Red's rustic "Longhorn" bathroom.

This is the room they share....gender neutral for now. Maddie wants a zebra shower curtain....Reid says NO!

This room and my kitchen are my least favorite spaces in the house....BEWARE. It's UGLY. Still has all of the original fixtures (Gold Hollywood lights....GAG!), plain mirrors, and gold on the glass shower trim. YUCK! I will get around to re-doing it eventually. But, you is the room that really only I it's at the bottom of the list, I guess. It is a LARGE room though....the pic doesn't show that much. Tons of drawers and cabinets not shown. I have alot of jewelry and girlie junk! I have to admit...this is my embarrassing space. I am a bit messy in this room. It is not's ME! Yes....I admitted it! LOL! The picture over the tub is way too small but has some really cute sayings on it. It needs to go too! I want to paint a soft pretty color, get polished nickel vintage style fixtures (mirrors, lights, faucets, and knobs for the cabinets) and glaze the cabinets to antique them a bit. I want to make it pretty and feminine but still okay for Brant. However, Brant doesn't care...he showers and gets out! LOL!

All my junk and jewelry!!

More of my junk and I keep my hair dryer and flat iron in a keeps it out of the way! My princess sign the girls at work gave me....and my vitamins! Ha. If I do not keep them there, I forget to take them!

Okay...DONE! I feel better I came out and showed you my UGLIEST room in the house! (sighhhhh......)


Have a FUN FRIDAY!!!!

It is suppose to be 96 degrees today here in Texas plus high it will fell like 100 degrees....YUCK!

I am heading this morning to buy my precious niece a gift for her b-day...she will be 2! Plus, run a few more errands. Then off across town to a BAYLOR UNIVERSITY football camp for Reid .....can you say HOT!!! But...hey, it's Brant's Alma mater! We have to go and it is a great camp and it's football! Then, we are heading to our old hometown while we are out that way to have dinner with our precious friends, the Nelsons. My best friend Gema is a FABULOUS cook, so I am looking forward to her dinner! YUM!




  1. I love your bathrooms!! They are so cute and you decorate really well! love the fun colors in your girls bathroom! SO pretty!

  2. Ooooooo pretty. I am so ready to have some extra $$ to decorate. My bathroom is a mess. I have no where to put anything

  3. I think your bathrooms are awesome!!!!

  4. LOVE your bathrooms...LOVE your jewelry holder in the bathroom...girl after my own heart!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I love how your kids have their own area, but share a shower. Awesome!

  6. Love your bathrooms!! The kids have their own area.. so MUCH fun!!

    We must not be too far away.. we are close to Baylor.

  7. You are blessed to have so many bathrooms and a good mama for letting your daughter have her way with hers...

  8. You should give yourself more credit. The 2 you showed us are fabulous. What a great idea to keep your flat iron in a pot..that is very cute.