Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Storms....White......and Summer!

Today was a cloudy and very HUMID day in Texas! But....we had a wonderful storm and shower that watered the beautiful Texas soil! I LOVE Texas storms! It was so hot and humid today and right before the storm hit, it became cool and breezy...the temp dropped about 30 degrees in a matter of a few minutes! It was a relaxed summer day for us....and I am so ready to begin my home makeover! I am dreaming of WHITE! I officially posted my living room furniture on Craigslist today to sell it and am ready to bring in the white slipcovered furniture! I have been picking up many items and accessories over the past several months to add too and have picked the fabrics for my window treatmets! I have lots of painting and distressing to do also. I LOVE summer and having more time to do what I love! When I have a chance I will take pics and post 2 of my newest finds!! But in the meantime here are a few inspirations:

On another note...the kids have started their summer this week!! YAY!!
Last night Reid had a two 7 on 7 football games. For those of you wondering, we live in TEXAS! Football is HUGE here! In the summer the State High School UIL (University Interscholatic League) rules do not allow any sports to be coached or played. However, they do allow 7 on 7 football. Which is basically like tag football and there are 7 players on each side. No lineman, and the rules are a bit different. But, many teams participate in this because it allows the boys to run through their plays and get experience playing together. The coaches are allowed to go but can not be on the field or coach the boys during the game. The boys run the team together. Interesting, huh? Anyways...our team won both games...YAY! Reid did well as many others. There were a few "bad attitudes" but I guess you have those on every team. But, as a Mom that instills teamwork and a positive attitude in my children, it soooo "erks" me to see parents that allow and put up with their boys behaving negatively and not putting in the effort as the others. Reid is only a junior this coming year, but the coaches have said that they see leadership in him and want him to step up and be that...even though he is NOT a senior. He did that last night and I was proud! One of his teammates was saying negative things and just bringing moral down before and during the game. Reid kept trying to get him to be positive and the kid kept making snide remarks and being negative. In between games, one of Reid's coaches came over to tell them how they did and give some advice and Reid told him about how the player was bringing the team down and he had had enough! Well...the coach told the "bad attitude" to sit out for a while the next game....THANK goodness! I am proud of Reid for being such a skilled and talented player, but I am more proud that he is such a positive player and motivator to the others! He is such a wonderful young man....and I am not saying that because I am his mother. Okay...yes I am! But, I have people on almost a daily basis tell me the same thing......(blessing...blessing)....I count them...yes, I count them!
My #22
(or Double Dos....or Double R, as he is sometimes referred too)
Reid and his BFF's after the game

After the 9:00 we headed to Reid's FAV place to eat...TGI Fridays! I have never seen boys eat so much! Between the 3 of them they had 4 full plates of chicken wings, HUGE plate of loaded Nachos, Potato Skins, and Mozzarella Sticks. It was a nice night with the BOYS! I was the only girl in the mix. We had a fun time and got home about 10:30 last night. The boys showered and stayed up and watched a movie and were all crashed about midnight....which never happens! They were tired from football and sore from starting their summer strength and conditioning training in the mornings (2 hour workout). These are some GREAT kids....and we adore them and their families!
My Maddie has also started out the first week of summer busy. She has had Basketball Camp all week in the mornings until noon. She is doing GREAT!! Our high school girls coach is putting it on and he is great! He was a well know player form SMU back in the day. Great guy and has a great staff of coaches. She will be finished tomorrow and so we have FRIDAY free!! We are going to do some major sleeping in and enjoy just being.
Well....I hope you are all having a great summer so far!



  1. I LOVE all the white! I've been wanting to change to all white also.

  2. Gorgeous inspiring pix...I know you will post the work in progress...can hardly wait.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your day!!!
    Nerina :)

  3. Ok not a great Tx storm for! We have damage all around us. Love white too

  4. Hi Amy,
    I am getting so excited to see what you are going to do. Those are great inspirational photos. I have never regretted getting a cream slipcovered sofa. All you have to do is change out your pillows for a different look.