Friday, June 19, 2009

Visitors to the Rose Home!


I wanted to share the 2 newest visitors to the Rose Home!

The first is a sweet little bird and her nest. (Excuse the cobwebs in the ceiling...have not powerwashed yet this Spring!). It seems as though she has been nesting for some time now. But everyday she is in and out of the nest sitting on the edge guarding the egss, and there is another bird that sits on the ceiling fan on our patio and stands watch over them. It is so sweet! We can not turn on our ceiling fan on the patio, even though it is 100 degrees in Texas, because it scares them away and they can not get to the nest. She has actually been sitting in the nest over the past few maybe those little peeps will hatch soon!

Our other visitor is a sweet dog that we have named...Bella! Reid mows a cemetary here in town for extra money and he saw her one day and the next day she was still there and followed him. He gave her water but he did not have the heart to leave her there. So, he called me and asked if he could bring her home. The cemetary is in a very rural area where their is lots of open land and homes. She did not have a collar or tags. Of coarse I said YES! We are HUGE animal lovers...and we could not leave her there! So, Reid brought her home and fed her and Maddie bathed her and put a collar on her. She is the sweetest dof and so gentle. However, our 2 spoiled rotten dogs, Katie and Zoe, were not liking a new dog all!!! They are warming up to her though. The kids are upset that I will not let her in the house....yet anyways. I told them we need to bath her a few times and get her to the vet to make sure she is not carrying any diseases or anything. So....she has stayed and slept outside. However, we have a huge covered patio with lots of shade and shelter for her. I am sure that she is appreciative of that! Anything is better than roaming around in an old cemetary! LOL! We did expalin to the kids that the right thing to do is to take pictures and make signs to put around town. Someone may love her as much as we already do and may be looking for her. They did not want to....but Reid made them and went and hung them up around town. She is so sweet and adorable though...and Katie and Zoe are coming around.

Well...a few projects to try and get done today, and have a Suburban full of stuff to take to Goodwill to donate! Then...tonight Maddie's B-Ball team starts yet another tournament. So, we have a game an hour away at 8:00pm tonight. Geesh! They will be playing all day tomorrow and Sunday afternoon. I's Fathers Day! But...I know Brant wouldn't want to be anywhere else than watching his kids play and do what they enjoy! Hopefully the schedule will allow us to make it to church!

Have a FUN Friday!!



  1. Birds are the sweetest creatures, and such good parents. I'm a big watcher during nesting season and am very careful not to prune or trim trees during that time so I don't unwittingly disturb or harm something.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely post and for visiting my blog.


  2. That dog was lucky to find you guys. Beautiful. Stay cool.