Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spa Day.......

It is Thursday......I have no kids in the house today.
I am all alone.....
And I am going to relax......
This is where I will be..... my new bathroom!

Isn't it pretty??
* is in my DREAMS!!

You were so jealous for a minute there weren't you??

If I could sooo identically copy a bathroom for my would be this one!
With pretty glass crystal pendants, overmount porcelain sinks, white bathroom cabinets and marble the pink peonies, IT IS DREAMY!! I love the way they placed a sink under one window and the other under the antique mirror. And, THE TUB....ahhhhh! Heaven! The soft roman shade and rustic white mirror create a calm place to relax and soak in that tub. The soft blue paint wall colors is calming and I love the mix of modern and shabby chic in this space.
Isn't it LOVELY??


I really do not have kids today....Reid is at the beach with family friends and Maddie is at my Mom's house. I am actually cleaning and organizing! So much for a relaxing day! Ha! I have to manage my time well when they are gone....when they are home I am typically running to all their activities and live in my big ole gas guzzlin' Suburban! Brant and I hope to go to lunch alone together at least before we pick Maddie up.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My next BIG project will be our kitchen! We have nice custom cabinets but they are stained and I am wanting WHITE...go figure! We want to completely renovate: new apliances, backspash, flooring, and counters. It is going to be a BIG project! Not sure when we will be able to do it......but in the meantime I am researching and finding some ideas and inspiration. There are so many choices now in tiles and is overwhhelming! Here are a few looks I like....

Also....stay tuned and I plan on revealing my Family Room makeover on Friday!

Love these DOUBLE farmhouse sinks

Just a charming touch!

Love the vintage look of the accessories....

Gotta love any pic with Peonies...and I love the vintage look of the light fixtures.

I love the wood tones...on the ceiling and floor.

Isn't this pretty?? I love the blue accents and the simplicity.

I love all the white on white. Very simple and clean lines.

Now this is my kind of kitchen! Busy...Busy!

This kitchen is lived in!

This is one of my favorites! Maybe it is the water outside? Ha Ha. I love the white w/ black island. The light fixtures are simple and pretty.

I know this isn't a kitchen.....but I had to throw this in.

I love the glam, vintage look f this and the blue accent buffet.

I like the mix of vintage, formal, rusic, and modern all mixed together.

This is another fvorite. I love the white subway tile backsplash, white counter and white cabinets. That is also my dream gas range!

Another white look with a hint of contrast in color with the backsplash. The barstools and sideboard give it ba more modern, art deco feel. it!

I love glass cabinets....and I thought this was a great idea to add a pop of color behind the cabinets and with the dishes.

I love the neautral pallete of this kitchen. I love the mosaic tile backsplash with the natural toned counters. This was a very similar look and colors of my old kitchen....that I loved! It looks like a great kitchen to entertain your friends.

Again...I like the black contrast in the island w/ that fabulous pot rack.

But....this is still one of my favorites! I posted it back in April.
This kitchen was featured in Southern Living Magazine....I LOVE it!

....Brant has been away 48 hours straight and Reid went away for the week to the beach with family it is just Maddie and Me! We have watched alot of movies, baked, and done a few projects. I will take pics and post soon. We have had a FUN few days...just us girls! We are going to do a little bit of shopping today for school clothes, etc and then go visit my Mom, who now only lives 10 minutes away....YAY!


Brooke is a close family friend and the entire family is like family to us . We have known each other our entire lives. Her daughter, Jessica, who is 10, has been having isssues and they think it may be her heart. She went to the specialist yesterday. She has to wear a heart monitor for 30 days, so they can truely see what is going on with her. Please pray that her heart is healthy and strong and that she will be continue to be the happy, healthy little 1o year old that she is.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Yellow Box......

I seem to be a smidgen obsessed with Yellow Box flip flops this year! I discovered them few years ago. They are oh-so-cute, but most of all they are the most comfortable shoes ever! I seems that this year more places carry them as to where ussed to they were harder to find. There is a boutique in town that is getting more and more in all summer....I have expanded my collection quite a bit! Ha. They even called me the other day to tell me they got a new shipment in......OH NO! I can not walk away without buying at least one pair! They are so worth it! I seriously think I am up to about 30 pairs....

These were one of my first pair.

Cute polka to wear them to the pool and around the yard.


Love these....but they only go with a few outfits. But CUTE!

I wear these alot.....they go cute with those bling shirts and jewelry and I wear them most with my kid's team shirts.It is fun to bling it out for games!

I "heart" leopard! I wear these alot too!

I have to confess....I paid the most for these and wear them the least, but aren't they FAB!!

I wear these alot too....mostly with shorts and jeans.

Yellow Box also haas lots of shoes, boots, heels, flats, etc.

Don't you love these gladiator style sandals?? They are sooo comfotable too!

These are perfect to wear with the long Maxi dresses.....

These are so cute with jeans or sundresses or even with shorts and COMFORTABLE!

Just a few of my favorites to share with you! Not that you care! But if you do not have a paid of Yellow Box flip flops, you must find some and try them will be hooked!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay....Kelly's Korner is doing "Show Us Your Wedding Dress" this week.

I got married in 1992. There were no digital pictures back then, and I do not have any scanned photos of my wedding album. Think long hot rolled, curly hair....w/ bangs! ; Big poufy sleeves and lace ; long, poufy skirt and train; halo wreath w/ veil....get the picture?? What were we thinking?? I am a simple kind of girl....SIMPLICITY! No one knew what that was in the 80's and early 90's! LOL!

Here was the typical late 80's/early 90's style

NO...this is not me. It is a fashion model...LOL!

But...this was prettty much like my dress....just puffy sleeeves at the top.

Laugh if you will....but everyone was wearing this back in the day! Ha haa.

****************************************************** for what I would wear an almost 40 yr. old bride! HA HA!

However...I am already married! Won't be happening and I am not into having a renewing the vows ceremony. Look where it got Jon and Kate....Plus 8! NOT happening!


Everybody LOVES Vera Wang Wedding Dresses......

I own a few of Vera's things....from KOHL'S. Tee hee!

I love this dress.

So pretty....and girlie.

And this one..... I love the V-neck and pretty, dainty sleeves on this one.

And the rosette at the PRETTY!


Did you know they do wedding dresses now?? WOW!

All under $2000...and many less than $1000.

I love the simple, casual style of them.

This is my FAV......I would so be wearing this if I was getting married tomorrow!

I love the ruffled scoop neckline and the simple tie sash and straight skirt.


This would be prefect for a simple beach wedding or garden wedding.

Love the ruffled dress w/ a bit of color and the bridesmaid dresses are precious.

This one is also super casual and chic! last thing.

Right beore I started doing this friend Shannon posted this on her blog. It is ADORABLE!! Maddie came in the room and was wondering what I was laughing at?? I started it over and we watched it and giggled together! You MUST watch this!
It is called Jill & Kevin's Wedding Entrance.

Hope you laughed like I did!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Curtian rod MISERY today.....but HEAVEN tomorrow!!

Well....I have been extra busy helping my parents move. They are relocating to be near and dear to us....and they have not found a place that they truly love yet to actually take the plunge and they are renting a cute little cottage home in the historic part of town for now. I have been helping my Mom buy new things and fix it up to make her happy for the next year or at least until they buy a home they love. The big move is Saturday.....THANK GOODNESS they hired movers!! I offered to help....hoping they would say they hired movers. They did.....(sigh of relief!)! I mean I, have been hanging curtain rods. Can I just say....I HATE hanging curtain rods!!! I always have to ask God for forgiveness.....I tend to let a few not-so-nice words flow out of my mouth in frustration. Yes...sometimes I slip. I always pomise to never hang them here I am! Grrrrr!!!
So.....I am in love with the neighborhood they are is so neat! I will share pics later.

Tomorrow.....I have plans.........

I need a day.......for just ME!