Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Livin' the Sweeet Life!

Another pretty blue find.....I love this handmade card~ Isn't it pretty?

I also wanted to share a few rooms I adore.......I hope to take some photos tomorrow and share my Family Room makeover with you all! I am pleased so far with it......it is still a work in progress though.


On the family side.....my Maddie went to San Antonio with her MiMi (my Mom) and my sister and my niece, Hannah. They had a fun time going through the Alamo, eating lunch and dinner on the Riverwalk and going through the shops. They also took the boat tour, saw a wonderful show at the outdoor theater....and so much more. They did not have time to go to Sea World. It was short trip and a business trip for my sister. My mom tagged along and decided at the last minute to take the girls. They had a good time....and I missed my Maddie so much!

Mom, Hannah, and Maddie outside the Alamo.

Maddie and Hannah dining on the Riverwalk at lunch.

Maddie and Hannah at Starbucks! Hannah had a Icee....but my Maddie seems to be following in her Mom's footsteps. She LOVES Starbucks. We make a mother/daughter trip of it almost daily!

Hannah and Maddie on the River Walk.....see the Hemisfair in the background. My sister and I posed in front of that when we were little too!

They had a great time with their MiMi....THANKS MOM!!


See this face........

this is my Maddie.
She is such a beautiful soul. She LOVES to help me decorate, shop for vintage stuff, and loves to cook. She is so creative!I can not tell you how many people tell me how sweet she is....truly sweet. She is 12....I was not sweet at 12....I was a BRAT! How do I deserve such an easy child? Maddie has been the easiest little girl since she was born. Even he doctor said after 30 years of delivering babies..."That was the easiest labor and delivery ever"! That's my MADDIE! She was an easy infant, toddler, and now pre-teen. Of coarse...she has her drama-mama moments.....but all in all, she is a DREAM!

Today I was not feeling well.....AT ALL!
I am always on the go....and when I am home I am normally busy doing projects, laundry, etc. Today, I did NOTHING! I ached all over, my head hurt....just felt terrible. So, I laid up on the couch and was watching TV. Maddie and I ended up watching the Food Network...Everyday Italian, Rachel Ray...and then Barefoot Contessa. Well, Barefoot Contessa made shortbread cookies.....even Reid came in and sat down as we all watched her make these cookies. She talked about how good they smelled as they baked and then shaved and melted chocolate and dipped them in it. YUM! We were all glued and wishing we could try them ourselves. Barefoot Contessa then started making a soup, which is about when I fell asleep. Reid woke me for a minute to let me know he was leaving.....again I was sound asleep. I woke up a bit later and Bobby Flay was cooking up some good stuff and then I heard my mixer running in the kitchen. I got up and looked in to see what was going on .....and there was Maddie.

She was baking....Barefoot Contessa's Shortbread cookies!

All by herself! Making a mess....but who cares?? On the kitchen desk she had the laptop up and had the Food Network site up and Barefoot Contessa's page....with the recipe pulled up! How does she know all of this? I guess she has watched me.....I was amazed, impressed, proud.......
This 12 year old girl found everything she needed in the pantry, mixed all the ingredients, kneaded the dough and then chilled it before rolling it out and baking the cookies. BY HERSELF!!
She then melted some chocolate and found some cream cheese icing in the pantry and some sprinkles and

The finished product....SHORTBREAD COOKIES!
She did crown shaped cookies, stars, round ruffled edged and a huge football one for her brother.
The plaque by the cookies reads
"THANK YOU GOD...for each day spent on this beautiful earth with the people I love"
Enough said......
Of coarse....I started feeling better after some Advil and my nap and to wake up to cookies!
Thanks Mad!


  1. Great idea, Thanks!! Although I have never heard of Hibbits but I am always looking for a new great store!

  2. How sweet!!! (literally!)

  3. Oh yum. I need some of those cookies. :) I need her in my house. Ha ha! The pictures with Grandma are too fun. I bet they had a blast. I ssooooooo wish I would've had grandparents who were active in my life as a child like that. Feel blessed. So neat!

    Thanks for your blog comment tonight too. I hope your friend is able to benefit from it somehow as you mentioned.

    Keep in touch and have a great night!

  4. Just found your blog! Your girls are so cute! Loved reading! Those cookies look yummy! I am wanting to bad to visit the Riverwalk!

  5. How nice that she made those cookies especially when you weren't feeling very well. I'm dying to get to San Antonio one day. I'm sure I would love it! And as far as the decorating pics go. I like the 2nd one down the best.

  6. Just visiting! I love Starbucks, sweet tea, shopping and reading your blog!!
    Love your sweet blog and your family is precious!!

  7. That looks yummy!! I love your blog thanks for finding me!

  8. How sweet of her to make those cookies! I saw that episode too and wanted to make them. :)

  9. Just came over here from MySweetSavannah when you said you had a moment with Ina and so glad I found it! Love your site and now I am a follower!