Friday, July 10, 2009

Cheer Texas and more!

I am sorry for not posting for such a long while!! We have been SUPER busy! I just made 3 post in one day! WOW!!

Well.....Maddie went off to cheer camp last Monday and got home on Thursday. She had soooo muh fun! They went to Tarleton State University in Stephenville. They stayed in one of the dorm it was a ton of fun for them! freshman year of high school we went to the same camp and I stayed in the exact same dorm building! We went to a different campus each year but did go there one year. MEMORIES......ha ha. However, we did the entire camp outside in June in Texas back in my day! Maddie's camp was all indoors! Thank goodness....I was worried about the heat, especially since it has been extra HOT this summer and we are in JULY in Texas....can you say MISERY?? They stayed all week and had classes all day long from 8am until 9pm. We went each night to watch them during their "show off" to show what they learned. The last day....all the squads competed and were judged. Maddie's squad got all SUPERIOR ribbons (the best) and a trophy for the BEST Junior High squad! Whoo hoo!! Even Reid went to support her!!
Here is Maddie in front of her door. ALL the girls decorate their doors. We did too (back in the day)....some things never change!

Maddie and her roomie Julie!

Maddie's bed....of coarse it is zebra! We got it at TARGET!

Maddie' squad tumbling during their spirit on. Maddie is in the front. They did AWESOME!!!

The 7th graders.......the squad is combined 6-7th and 6-8th graders.

Here are the 6 that were nominated for All American Cheerleaders! GREAT JOB!!

The LMS Cheerleaders!!

Eden, Elizabeth, Maddie and Hannah

The girls with ALL their awards!! They did GREAT!!

SILLY girls!!

Reid talking with Mia....the future Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader! She has made it to the final few and has been filming with the show on CMT. She will find out for sure in the next few weeks if she makes the final cut. She will!!! She is the most beautiful and talented girl and sooooo sweet! She just graduated from our high school and Reid is great friends with one of her sister's and her other little sister cheers with Maddie. GOOD LUCK MIA!!!!!

Maddie with Reid (with his shaggy hair and scruffy face)and her Daddy

Me and my girl! So proud of her!!

Ohhh....and did you notice that my girl cut her hair off!!!



She is growing up.....too fast!

Onto my other busy kid......Reid has been injured....pulled his groin. OUCH! He went to his AAMAZING doctor, who also happens to be the team doctor for th Dallas Cowboys. He wants him to rest for an entire month! BUMMER!! He isout of 7-on-7 football fo the summer. But, he must rest it to if he wants to be ready and healthy for the upcming football season....the REAL DEAL! I am praying that he will hel and stay injuring free this season! Please say a prayer for him.

Reid has not had a hair cut all summer and has not shaved in a while.......he is being a bit "SCRUFFY" this summer. I guess it's nic to be laid back in the summer!

Here are the boys playing video games in the middle of "MY" family room.....Grrr! This is Reid's new look when he is playing video games.....3-D glasses (that he taped) and one of Maddie's fedora hats. He and Collin were taking a lunch break after working and weed eating at the Cemetary here in town all day.


I also have to share that my re-decorating of the family room is almost complete!! I will share photos here in the next few days!! It is an ongoing project, but it is coming together!




  1. Ah cheer leading camp!! I remember those days and I love her bedding and her hair!!

  2. We had ours in August back in the day...Ugh!
    Looks like a Texas family summer to me! Hang on girlie, the years pass way too fast.

  3. I have a question about the door decorations. What all did you use to make their names?