Thursday, July 23, 2009

Curtian rod MISERY today.....but HEAVEN tomorrow!!

Well....I have been extra busy helping my parents move. They are relocating to be near and dear to us....and they have not found a place that they truly love yet to actually take the plunge and they are renting a cute little cottage home in the historic part of town for now. I have been helping my Mom buy new things and fix it up to make her happy for the next year or at least until they buy a home they love. The big move is Saturday.....THANK GOODNESS they hired movers!! I offered to help....hoping they would say they hired movers. They did.....(sigh of relief!)! I mean I, have been hanging curtain rods. Can I just say....I HATE hanging curtain rods!!! I always have to ask God for forgiveness.....I tend to let a few not-so-nice words flow out of my mouth in frustration. Yes...sometimes I slip. I always pomise to never hang them here I am! Grrrrr!!!
So.....I am in love with the neighborhood they are is so neat! I will share pics later.

Tomorrow.....I have plans.........

I need a day.......for just ME!

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  1. Those pictures look incredible.. love everything from Anthropologie! :)