Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hittin' the road.....for some pretty JUNK!

I am off....and hitting the road.....all alone....just me, my Suburban, and my thoughts! Oh...and my Starbucks! It will be a 103 degrees in Texas today......I know........a bit crazy! But, I am taking full advantage of having NO kids or their activities! I LOVE them......but a break is well overdue! So.....I am goin' JUNKIN'!
I have no clue where I will end up......

I will let you know......

all of my pretty finds.....
Lola B's is one of my favorite blogs that I follow. Kasey is the funniest thing ever....and has FABULOUS style! She has a lovely vintage home and has a shop with lots of pretties!! She has a shopping event coming up at her home in her carriage house this weekend....oh how I wish I lived closer so that I could attend. She is also having a drawing for some of her prett ythings You should definately go visit her blog......



  1. Girl, go get em!! I pray you have a fun and safe day and that you find lots and lots of goodies. Junkin is the best!!!


  2. I love your style, and that you leave me such nice comments :)

  3. Please share some wonderful "junk" places to visit!! We are back in Houston after a 2 yr stint in Baton Rouge and I am so wanting to go on a junk hunt!

  4. Oaky that did not post like I wanted. Email me please!:) I love a good find!