Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Family Room Makeover......

I have been in the middle of redecorating my Family Room over the past few weeks. I have not been able to work much on it over the past few days.....SUPER busy with the kidddos. But, Maddie has gone out of town for 4 days with my Mom and sister, so I hope to get some much needed work done. I will share the updated look and photos in the next few days....I hope!

Here are some pictures of rooms that have inspired me........I am in love with blue lately and so tired of RED now!

Maybe it's because I love Tiffany's......dosen't every girl? Not that I own much from Tiffany's....but every girl dreams right? I also love traditional and vintage....Tiffany's is just that!


I hope you all have a blessed day..............tomorrow I am spending the day all alone.
Just Me, my Suburban, and the road.....and my Lady Antebellum CD.
Going JUNKIN' and hoping to find some pretties!!



  1. LOVE all of those looks!! Can't wait to see what the room looks like.

  2. Oh mylanta! These rooms are stunning. My new favorite color is Tiffany Blue after seeing these.
    Good luck with your hunting trip. Hope you bag the big one!

  3. All of these looks are fabulous!! Love just the hint of blue...striking!!
    Happy Road Trippin!!
    Sending Good Junkin Luck your way!!

  4. Amy, I have been searching for that perfect blend of blue and turquoise- there were a couple of pieces in the pictures you posted that are PERFECT. Love the chandelier and crisp white...oh- so beautiful! ;)