Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well....I went on my little road was me, my gas guzzlin' Surburban, of coarse my Starbucks, but I was without my beloved Lady Antebellum CD....bummer! I left in in the hubbie's car......oh well.

I really wanted to head to Athens to Winnie's and Tulula's....but decided that I would go another time when I am out that way to visit family.

So.....I decided to head West......
The town I went to (will remain annymous...there are lots of people that love it) was so overpriced on their antiques and JUNK! EVERY place! Should have went to Athens....huh?
I was a bit disappointed.....I guess I have just been to some wonderful places and have found such great finds at great prices....I am a bit SPOILED! It is still a lovely town full of wonderful stores and boutiques.

Here I was hitting the was a long day.

I did score a few handmade necklaces at a few of the cute boutiques......

I wore this one to dinner last night.......sorry fo the BAD pic. It was taken on my phone.

It is rhinestone crosses and damask print glass charms. Love it! ONLY $26.

Sorry...another bad pic.

This was another glass pendant charm. Very vintage looking...with a sweet crown with glitter. ONLY $8.50


Oh well....on my way back into the Fort Worth area I had to stop off at TJ Maxx, of coarse! I found a few things for the house.....

I got the hurricane for $8.99 and the little fillers inside for $5.99.
I am going to put more stuff in it....not sure what yet.

I also got these pretty BLUE dishes. I got several pieces that included the oval serving plates and some bowls. I thought they would be good at parties to put appetizers and dips in. PRETTY!
Each piece was only $2.99....LOVE TJ MAXX!

I also got 3 new dresses off the clearance racks.....all for $35. My new obsession is dresses.....that seems to be all I am wearing this summer.
I also made a stop at my other fav store...Hobby Lobby. I went to get some new scrapbooks and photo albums. I found a few scrapbooks....but I also got a "few more things" for the house.

I got this cute antiqued sign....not sure where I am going to hang it yet, but I love the look and color. It was 50% off of it was only $9!

I also found this iron wall piece for $2.49 on the clearance aisle....not sure where I am putting this yet, but I will find a place!


I ended my day with an evening trip to Barnes and Nobles....all alone. Ahhhhh.....

I first went to the Starbucks counter......of coarse. I have to say....I was a bit sad. This is not my usual Starbucks. My usual local Starbucks friends make the best White Mocha "with an extra shot of expresso" ever! It was not the same....but again....I am a bit SPOILED!

I found a book that Reid needed for summer reading for his AP History class. "American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House". I have to say it looks pretty interesting...I may just have to read it.

Then, I was off to browse the other areas and ended up in the Cookbooks, Home Interior and Crafting sections. And......I came across this book......

Tara Frey's book. "Blogging for Bliss: Crafting Your Own Online Journal". I visit Tara's blog daily and some of the other blogs I follow have mentioned that they have been featured in her book, however I had never seen it (although I never looked for it) in a store. I just happened to be scanning the books and it caught my eye!! YAY! I am looking forward to reading it this weekend!

I will try and get the pics of my NEW Family Room in the next few is still a work in progress!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love........

My Maddie will be home from her trip with her MiMi and Aunt Sisssy and her cousin Hannah. I have missed her and can't wait to see her! It was TOO quiet around here with out her.




  1. WOW...fantastic productive day!! Love the sign and the necklaces and the iron wall piece.
    The book looks fun as well.
    It's amazing what you can do when you have the time by yourself.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  2. I love your new jewelry, I would say all in all you had a great day.