Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spa Day.......

It is Thursday......I have no kids in the house today.
I am all alone.....
And I am going to relax......
This is where I will be..... my new bathroom!

Isn't it pretty??
* is in my DREAMS!!

You were so jealous for a minute there weren't you??

If I could sooo identically copy a bathroom for my would be this one!
With pretty glass crystal pendants, overmount porcelain sinks, white bathroom cabinets and marble the pink peonies, IT IS DREAMY!! I love the way they placed a sink under one window and the other under the antique mirror. And, THE TUB....ahhhhh! Heaven! The soft roman shade and rustic white mirror create a calm place to relax and soak in that tub. The soft blue paint wall colors is calming and I love the mix of modern and shabby chic in this space.
Isn't it LOVELY??


I really do not have kids today....Reid is at the beach with family friends and Maddie is at my Mom's house. I am actually cleaning and organizing! So much for a relaxing day! Ha! I have to manage my time well when they are gone....when they are home I am typically running to all their activities and live in my big ole gas guzzlin' Suburban! Brant and I hope to go to lunch alone together at least before we pick Maddie up.


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