Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay....Kelly's Korner is doing "Show Us Your Wedding Dress" this week.

I got married in 1992. There were no digital pictures back then, and I do not have any scanned photos of my wedding album. Think long hot rolled, curly hair....w/ bangs! ; Big poufy sleeves and lace ; long, poufy skirt and train; halo wreath w/ veil....get the picture?? What were we thinking?? I am a simple kind of girl....SIMPLICITY! No one knew what that was in the 80's and early 90's! LOL!

Here was the typical late 80's/early 90's style

NO...this is not me. It is a fashion model...LOL!

But...this was prettty much like my dress....just puffy sleeeves at the top.

Laugh if you will....but everyone was wearing this back in the day! Ha haa.

****************************************************** for what I would wear an almost 40 yr. old bride! HA HA!

However...I am already married! Won't be happening and I am not into having a renewing the vows ceremony. Look where it got Jon and Kate....Plus 8! NOT happening!


Everybody LOVES Vera Wang Wedding Dresses......

I own a few of Vera's things....from KOHL'S. Tee hee!

I love this dress.

So pretty....and girlie.

And this one..... I love the V-neck and pretty, dainty sleeves on this one.

And the rosette at the PRETTY!


Did you know they do wedding dresses now?? WOW!

All under $2000...and many less than $1000.

I love the simple, casual style of them.

This is my FAV......I would so be wearing this if I was getting married tomorrow!

I love the ruffled scoop neckline and the simple tie sash and straight skirt.


This would be prefect for a simple beach wedding or garden wedding.

Love the ruffled dress w/ a bit of color and the bridesmaid dresses are precious.

This one is also super casual and chic! last thing.

Right beore I started doing this friend Shannon posted this on her blog. It is ADORABLE!! Maddie came in the room and was wondering what I was laughing at?? I started it over and we watched it and giggled together! You MUST watch this!
It is called Jill & Kevin's Wedding Entrance.

Hope you laughed like I did!


  1. Great choices! We will ALL look back at our dresses someday and they will be so outdated. :)

  2. NICE CHOICES. I got remarried in 07, and loved loved my dress

  3. I was in college in 92 so I know what you mean. I'm kind of glad I got married older so I don't have to look at wedding pics of myself with big hair and puffed sleeves. ha!
    I love all the dresses you picked out!!!

  4. I love Vera Wang........Loved your post.... I am drawing for two giveaways on hope you will stop by....have a fun post up now..

  5. Love those dresses! And that video cracks me up every time!


  6. That's it! I'm having a J Crew wedding on the beach! That's my new dream... Now, how is that supposed to work?