Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yellow Box......

I seem to be a smidgen obsessed with Yellow Box flip flops this year! I discovered them few years ago. They are oh-so-cute, but most of all they are the most comfortable shoes ever! I seems that this year more places carry them as to where ussed to they were harder to find. There is a boutique in town that is getting more and more in all summer....I have expanded my collection quite a bit! Ha. They even called me the other day to tell me they got a new shipment in......OH NO! I can not walk away without buying at least one pair! They are so worth it! I seriously think I am up to about 30 pairs....

These were one of my first pair.

Cute polka dots.....love to wear them to the pool and around the yard.


Love these....but they only go with a few outfits. But CUTE!

I wear these alot.....they go cute with those bling shirts and jewelry and I wear them most with my kid's team shirts.It is fun to bling it out for games!

I "heart" leopard! I wear these alot too!

I have to confess....I paid the most for these and wear them the least, but aren't they FAB!!

I wear these alot too....mostly with shorts and jeans.

Yellow Box also haas lots of shoes, boots, heels, flats, etc.

Don't you love these gladiator style sandals?? They are sooo comfotable too!

These are perfect to wear with the long Maxi dresses.....

These are so cute with jeans or sundresses or even with shorts and COMFORTABLE!

Just a few of my favorites to share with you! Not that you care! But if you do not have a paid of Yellow Box flip flops, you must find some and try them on.....you will be hooked!

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