Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer fun!

A few years ago we went to Washington DC for vacation. On our way out to Mt. Vernon going through Alexandria, Va. we happened to see a great looking burger joint called FIVE GUYS BURGERS. We stopped and ate and it was YUMMY! The BEST burgers ever! rant has mentioned through the years to people that we knoww that have been there to make sure they stop and eat there and has gone on and on about their burgers. A few months after our trip, there was even an article in my Southern Living magazine that talked about how amazing their burgers were. Well...just a few weeks ago I came across an article in the local paper about how this great burger joint was opening in Southlake Town Center and it was FIVE GUYS! They have always been located in the greater DC area (DC, Maryland, Virginia)....and now they are expanding. Right here in TEXAS! was so hard for me...YES keep it a secret! But....I did. I had plans! A weel later, I gathered up the kids and Brant and told them we were going somewhere new for lunch their surprise it was FIVE GUYS! I am not really a big fan of red meat or burgers....but Brant and Reid LOVE a good cheeseburger! They were in heaven!

My hungry boys....

One happy hubbie.......

Maddie and I watching them pig out.....we shared some spicy french fries. YUM!

After lunch....we shopped! So, I got my way too!

On Sunday, we spent the day out at my in-laws house in Highland Village for my father in laws B-Day! We had a nice lunch, went swimming, and of coarse played ROCK BAND!

Here is the B-day Grandpa! The Hostess....Grammy

Reid and Meagan

Grandpa getting a new Wii Game

My brother in law Chris and I

Sister in law Christie

She was trying to not take a picture....but we GOT HER!

The Rose Family ROCK BAND!

Brant...the drummer

Grammy and my niece Makayla....can you tell that Grammy is a reading teacher? Never to early to start!

Makayla acting like a in her book!

Maddie, Corbin an Makayla
My in laws backyard is so pretty!

Outdoor Kitchen

Isn't it nice?? My brother in law built it!

We always have a FUN time at my in laws. They are in their 60's and LOVE to play Wii! We aways play games and ROCK BAND! And, of coarse the food is ALWAYS delicious! Brant's 2 brothers, Chris and his wife Christy and Gary and his 2 kids Corbin and Makayla were there. Gary's wife Angel was up in Michigan for a visit, so we missed her. But, it was a great day and my father in law enjoyed it!


  1. Ok, I am totally making J.R. and I got there this weekend!! I saw the burger place on a special with the president. We are always looking for a good hamburger place and Southlake happens to be one of my favroite places, so I think it is meant to be!! Thanks for letting us know!!

  2. What a fun time!! That pool looks so inviting, what a great space they have!