Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday Night Lights.....Week 2!

We live for FRIDAY NIGHT do millions of my fellow Texas! There is nothing like High School Football in TEXAS!
This is our 2nd game of the season.....we are playing a highly ranked team and one of the top QB's in the state. We have about 6 starters out with injuries, especially on we were a bit nervous. But our motto is "BELIEVE"........

Maddie and I before the game wearing our "We Believe" shirts! I think just about everyone in town has one!

So...of coarse, I have to look unique! I took our shirts and had the back screen printed with Reid's name and number....and we BLINGED it out! (It is a bit hard to tell it the pic)

Here is Meagan (on right) with Adrienne and Macie before the game.
"Battle of the Birds" Owls vs. Hawks
Reid coming out early
He is READY!
Captains taking the field....Reid is #22 Reid going after the QB
And again.....looking him in the eyes!
Reid going in for the interception!

Reid played a great game...however we did not coming out with the big W! Again....they were a highly ranked team, we had several key starters out, and had some challenges. But, we are not in district play yet...thank goodness! Reid was so upset and angry. He HATES to lose! The next morning he had to go in to watch game film and practice and he came home in a TERRIBLE mood! I try and listen but it is so hard to hear and see him so upset when he probably played the best out of any player out there. He had a great game and made some great plays.....but he is still upset. He is so passionate and goes 100% in practice and 200% in games. He does not understand when everyone else does not. He is a great leader and motivator though....and I know he will keep BELIEVING in his team! He was again voted Team Captain...the ONLY junior ever!! I am so proud of him!! We have a week off this week and then it is HOMECOMING week!! Lord, help me! Homecoming in Texas is a bit overboard! Just wait....I will share the details! LOL!

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  1. I know how hard a lose is!! And you said it best, there is nothing like high school football in TX. I was telling JR about the motto the team and town has adopted, he thought it was a great idea!! Good Luck at Homecoming!