Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is our life.....under the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!
High School Football in Texas!

Our town just built a BEAUTIFUL brand new stadium and we debuted it Friday night! Let me tell you...they went all out! There was tailgaiting in the parking lot and people out early to take it all in. Brant and I attended a dinner in the amazing suite on the 5th floor of the pressbox too! We are so proud to be part of this exciting time in Joshua, Texas! We have a brand new coaching staff and an amazing new head coach whose motto is BELIEVE! The whole town and school district has adopted that motto and you signs and shirts all over our town that say BELIEVE! LOVE, LOVE it! We are super excited for Reid this year too! He started on Varsity as a Sophomore last year, so he still has 2 more years in this new stadium. He is also the ONLY Junior chosen as Team captain! I am so proud of him.....he is such a great leader! He is so passionate for football and I can not tell you what a great role model he has become. He has a following of little boys that adore him! And...he is so good with them! I was so busy and nervous that I forgot to take a picture of Maddie and I and our BLINGED out shirts! I will make sure to do it for Game #2 this week!
Here is Reid and the other Team Captains at the Pep Rally!

Game the new Stadium!

They had a plane flying around the stadium before the game with a banner that read...."We Believe"

The scoreboard and Jumbotron......9 minutes until kickoff!

The boys running out the tunnel

Taking the field

Let the festivities begin......these are skydivers!!

The first one landing in the stadium to deliver the game ball

The ball has arrived!!

Handing the game ball to Coach Bird

Coach Bird with the game ball

The boys watching in awww......

This is the last skydiver bringing in the US Flag. It was flown over the US Capital and dedicated to our team and stadium. He came down slowly with the flag waving and Ray Charles version of "America" was playing. So pretty!!

Coming in......
The boys and the National Anthem

Reid #22 pacing the to go out!!

My #22

Talking to his teammates

Game time!

My LINEBACKER......2008 All District Outside Linebacker as a Sophomore! Can't wait to see what he does in 2009!

Coming off the field after forcing and recovering a turnover! Whoo hoo!

Reid and Coach Ratcliff

Reid and Coach Kendrick and Ratcliff

Ready to go after the QB!!

Owls win!!!!

Reid getting a pat on the back after the game from one of his best friends Marty

Reid and Meagan after the game......we waited forever, he is ALWAYS the last one out of the locker room!

Reid did several combines this summer and was invited to the Rivals TOP 100 Combine in July. He was doing awesome and in one of the last coverage drills they ran, Reid pulled his groin really bad. After seeing the trainers and his sports medicine doctor, he was told to sit out for at least a month. He was devastated but they wanted him to be well and able to start 2-a-days. He was able to start but was a bit out of his normal condition. It was also still bothering him a bit for the first week. We were worried! He is not 100% yet.....but he had a GREAT game!! I have been praying that he will continue to heal and not re-injure himself. He ran down 2 break aways and saved us from 2 touchdowns. Not sure how he was able to run that fast hurt but he did! He had 7 solo tackles and several assists. He also forced a turnover. I had so many people stop me and tell me how amazing he played....and not even fully himself. He has the heart of a champion and the attitude of a true leader and I am so proud of him!! #22 was called alot under those FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! Game #2........BIRDVILLE!

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  1. How fun!! So exciting, Good Luck this season! Keep me updated on how y'all do! I am loving that the weather outside is starting to feel like fall, which means football! Y'alls live sounds like ours minus the kids.
    PS post some pics of your home makeover!! I can't wait to see them!