Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Life in the Fall......

I know.....I have not blogged in over a week!

I have been so busy since we all went back to school! I will try and do better! PROMISE!

Last week was HOMECOMING!!!

Maddie says "Like For Sure!"

Ha Ha!

Here is Maddie after 80's day at school during Homecoming Week! FUN!

Maddie w/ her friend Elizabeth before the very first Middle School pep Rally of the year!


The 7th graders!!

The whole group after a GREAT Pep Rally!

Our town normally has a BIG Homecoming parade followed by a HUGE Pep Rally at our stadium followed by a Fireworks Show. rained, and rained. Rained some more, and kept raining. The parade was cancelled and recheduled, then cancelled again due to the non stop rain. BUMMER!! We had to settle for a Pep Rally in our Gym on the morning of the big game!

Here are our AWESOME JHS Cheerleaders kicking it off!

The pep rally was great.....I cannot posssibly post all of the pics! We had a ton of skits and ended with the traditional class yell. Where each grade level does their class yell and they award the winners the Spirit Stick at the end.

Here is Meagan getting th Juniors started!!
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that's our Junior Battle Cry....2011-2011-20-20-2011....2011-2011-20-20-2011!!! YAY!!

(That's Reid with the megaphone...Ha!)

This is Jeremiah and Hannah.
They are great kids with special needs. Jeremiah has Cerebral Palsey. He LOVES football!! I mean he LOVES it....and can tell you alot about the game of football and he is a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan! He can not play football, but he is an official member of the team and he adores Reid. Reid is soooo good with him and includes him in everything. Jeremiah eats lunch with Reid and his friends almost everyday at school. They treat him as normal as posssible and genuinely like him. He is such a funny kid to be around! The coaches take Jeremiah out to the field before the start of every game and let him run and catch balls. It is such a precious time for him....and the team. He is such an inspiration and has been a blessing to us! Hannah made me take a picture of them....Jeremiah was blushing!

Reid and Meagan leading the school song.

Reid and Meagan at school -Homecoming '09

Meagan's mum

Game time!!!

Before the game the students floats that they made for the Parade that never happened were on display before the game. The Homecoming theme this year was Rockin' through the Ages. Each grade has 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, and then everyone else could be creative. The FFA kids created this was KISS!!! They were soooo good! There were several more floats but this was the favorite!

Getting ready to take the field!

Let's Go Owls!!!
Captains......Reid is #22!

Reid is 6'2" but doesn't he look short next to #67,

who happens to be 6'7" and wear a size 18 shoe!

Get em' 22
My linebacker!!

We won!!! Whoo hoo!

After the BIG game....some of us parents through a party for he kids! They all just hung out and dnced a little and then sat around the fire and sang songs!

These kids......
are GREAT kids......

We are BLESSED to live in a great community with such great kids!

It was a great HOMECOMING week.....although it did rain and rain and rain on our Parade!

We ended the weekend by going to the inaaugural game at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium!!

It was the largest crowd in NFL history!! 105,000 people!! We got to see Roger Staubach, Bob Lily, Tony Dorsett, Troy, Emmitt and Michael! George W. and Laura were even there! We got to see our own Mia Greenhouse as the newest and youngest Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and of coarse our Dallas Cowboys!

It was a beautiful place but a not so beautiful game! We lost in a last few seconds field goal! BUMMER! I am not a huge NFL fan....I will take college footbal lanyday! But, it was nice to get to take my precious boy, who is passionate about the game of football, to see the first ever game played in the new Cowboy Stadium!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and week! FALL is here in Texas!! was a nice, cool day today and I am LOVIN' it!!
Maddie has a volleyball game tomorrow, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and then a volleball tournament on Saturday. So.....another Rose Family weekend of sports! Life is good.....Life is good!


  1. Looks like Homecoming and y'alls weekend was alot of fun!!

  2. I love homecoming, and mums. My husband said they are just fancy cowbells, but I love them!!! lol

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