Friday, September 11, 2009


Today....8 years ago.

This is what New York City looked like.

I was a stay at home Mom. I had taken my 4 year old to preschool and my 8 year old to elementary school and got back home a little after 8am and started doing laundry and my normal morning chores while having the TV on watching Good Morning America. That was a normal routine. Then, it all started. I sat in shock with the rest of America and watched it all happen on live television. My husband, who is a firefighter, was at the station that day. After a few hours of watching everything that was happening in New York City, DC, and Pennsylvania, I decided to go early and check my kids out of school along with tons of other parents and brought them home to be with me. I think everyone felt unsafe that day, no matter where you lived. My daughter was happy to have me get her early from school, and was oblivious. However, my super smart 8 year old, Reid, sensed that something as wrong. He asked why I was picking him up, and I told him I would explain to him when we got to the car. The second we got in the car he asked "Did daddy die in a fire?". I immediately answered him "No, not at all....Daddy is fine. Why did you wonder that?". He said "I had a weird feeling that something happened to him.". WOW!! I explained to him that Daddy and all of his friends were fine, however there were many firefighters, policeman and innocent people that had died. I have always been super honest and straight forward with my kids. However, I always explained things in a way that they could comprehend. There were weeks worth of questions that followed from both of my children. Kids are so amazingly smart and intuitive. I along with most of America stayed glued to the TV that day and night and into the next several days. After about a week, I could not watch anymore. I could not watch all of the investigative specials, interviews, and shows about 9-11. I literally was having nightmares. Although, I knew my husband was safe here in Dallas, I had nightmares of all the fireman running up into that tower. I can not been imagine the loss that every family member had to endure. Seeing the stories of all of the people and families that had perished and those that were still holding out hope that their loved one would be found. It was heart wrenching!

I know just about everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing on that tragic day!

This March, we went to New York for 9 days for Spring Break. We saw just about every New York City site, but one of the most sombering moments was visiting Ground Zero. It is still a construction zone! But....they are building the future site of the World Trade Center Memorial Park and Garden.

This is a photo of the what the memorial will look like. There will be a reflecting pool where each tower stood.

These are pictures of what the 9-11 National Memorial and Museum will look like. I look forward to visiting NYC again to see it finished.

This was a cross made out of remains of the World Trade Center.

There was a fire station literally right across the street from the World Trade Center. It is still there. AMAZINGLY! Below is the memorial to all of the NYC Firefighters that perished on 9-11. It was a HUGE bronzed plaque. GORGEOUS!
Due to the construction still going on all around Ground Zero, there was scaffolding around it.

"May we never forget"

Every firefighter that died on 9-11 has their name listed on the memorial.

Every firefighter at Station 343 that day died inside the World Trade Center when it collapsed. They were the first ones on the scene that morning. This is a plaque dedicated just to them on the front of the station.

My boys at the FDNY Memorial

And....I will leave you with this from 9-11-2001:
“Today, we gather to be reassured that God hears the lamenting and bitter weeping of Mother America because so many of her children are no more. Let us now seek that assurance in prayer for the healing of our grief stricken hearts, for the souls and sacred memory of those who have been lost. Let us also pray for divine wisdom as our leaders consider the necessary actions for national security, wisdom of the grace of God that as we act, we not become the evil we deplore.”- Rev. Nathan Baxter, Dean of Washington National Cathedral


  1. Hi Amy,
    I linked over from Talkin' Trash. Your post is so very moving. I lived in New York for 10 years, my now 16 year old daughter was born there at Lenox Hill hospital. On 9/11 we were (and still are) living in Portland Oregon. I felt so far away and yet so close to the city I will always love. I remember the awesome heartbreak of the day. Thanks for this lovely memorial.

  2. Yes, I don't think I've met him though! If he's still playing linebacker, Jason will coach him! I'll have to get more details from Jason, he just said, "From Joshua?" when I asked him.

    I bet it was so heartbreaking to visit that site! What a sad, tragic day in our history!

  3. Thank you for your awesome post!!

    And Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers! It truly means so much to me!!!

    Don't forget to email me the game info for Friday!!!
    Hugs, Channa

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