Monday, September 7, 2009

Rest, Chores, Projects, an "oh-so-cute" Chair, and College Football!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with the ones you love!

We had a restful weekend at home!! That does not happen very often....and we enjoyed it. We slept in everyday, did some household chores, did some shopping, and got a few projects done around the house. I am also completely caught up with laundry! YAY! Wealso spent alot of the weekend watching College Football! LOVE our TEXAS LONGHORNS!! It was an easy win for them this week. And what about O-who??? OU lost to Brigham Young!! We love to brag here in TEXAS when OU loses! However, I am sad for Sam Bradford (OU's QB) hate to see such a good player get injured and going to miss some of the season. He is a great QB and I pray that he heals quickly and gets to play the game he loves very soon. And...what about that Miami vs. Florida State Game?? Wow....gotta love college football!

Okay....I know some of you do not get this college football stuff......and are not following. I am sorry!! I am such a guy when it comes to football! Who would of thought that?? I am such a girly girl....but I LOVE Football!

Okay...onto something else!

I made this picture frame by decoupaging it and putting a pretty saying in is on a table in the family room.

I also got this new chair!!!


It now completes my new Family Room!

I promise to post some pics of my newly re-decorated family room just seems that I have constantly had teenage boys and preteen girls and a hubbie that are always in it!

As many of you....we started school on August 25th. So we are 2 weeks into the school year. I am loving the fact that now that Maddie is in middle school and is playing school sports that she has all her games and practices during the week, so we have our weekends FREE! We used to spend Saturdays at games and had a Sunday afternoon practice. So, we are thoroughly enjoying sleeping in and spending the weekends getting things done. The downside is that Maddie has to be at school at 6:30am for before school volleyball practice and then is staying after school until 5:30 for cheer practice. LONG DAY! Reid also has to be at school at 7am for morning football and he stays after until about 6:00pm. So, my kids are BUSY....but they are managing it well. The blessing is that I work at the high school and REid is with me and Maddie's middle school is right next door. So, I am close to both of my kids, which is great!

Well....I am looking forward to a 4 day work week! I hope you all have a wonderful week.....and had a restful Labor Day weekend!


  1. What an cute chair!! I love it!! Where did you get it?

  2. Football girl I'm there. We are big Ohio State Buckeye fans here, flying my flag on the front porch. We won our opening game on Saturday...woohoo!!

    Now about that it!!! I can't wait to see your room. Please hurry and post pics.


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