Monday, September 7, 2009

Where I will spend my Thursday nights......

This is what my Thursday evenings will be for the next several months.....VOLLEYBALL!!
Volleyball is rather new to me. I tried it in middle school and did not like I am relearning to like it with Maddie. She is very short for her age and I just never thought it would be a sport she was interested in....but she LOVES it!! Now that Maddie is in middle school all her games will be on the weeknights. It makes for a long day....but at least we get our weekends back. All games and practices are during the week...YAY! Maddie's team had their first game on Thursday....and they did great! Especially considering they have only had a week to practice.

Maddie's team getting ready to play.....

Maddie and Kenzie

Maddie setting the ball in play

Maddie serving...she scored 3 points in a row serving!

My little shorty actually spiking the ball....and scored!

Next up....


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