Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I "heart" Hobby Lobby.....

Look at these pretty grapevine pumpkins I got at Hobby Lobby!

They were already prelit with lights. I added some fall floral picks to the top that I already had. I have been eyeing these pretty pumpkins all month! I don't know about you....but I go into Hobby Lobby at least once a week for no reason at all. Ha! It's not like I "need" anything or have time for projects. Right? I walk around for an hour to just "see" what they have that's new. I ALWAYS find something I have to have! I ONLY buy stuff that is on sale for 50% off and if it's not this week.....it will be next week! Gotta love that!

I am not sure if I want to put them on the front porch or keeep them here on the bar in my butler's pantry?? I may just have to move them around.

On another note.....I am creating my own craft/office area (just for ME!) at one of the built in desks in the guest hall nook. I am using black, white and green. I already had all of these chipboard letters and created this banner too. I LOVE these green and black storage boxes, which were my inspiraton, but they only had 2 and I can not seem to find any more! I am thinking of finding some coordinating paper and decoupaging the white ones or trimming them with ribbon. Hmmm?? What do you think?

This is a still a work in progress!

This is soooo random, but I have to throw in the pic I took of Reid napping on the couch with Zoe. I rarely get these moments to watch him sleep. Awww.....

My sweet boy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another busy weekend.....

It was another BUSY Fall weekend for the Rose Family!

We started it off Friday Night at our high school football game.
It was not a good night for our boys..... (frown).
First off....Reid was running fever all day at school. Thank goodness I work at the high school and can keep "tabs" on him. He had been feeling bad all week and I knew he would not tell his coaches that he was. No matter what! So, I gave him tylenol before he left school for the game and called all the trainers and his close coaches and warned them about him being "sick" and to make sure he drank lots of water and to check on him. Ohhh.....if he only knew! Ha Ha!
He played well though....not his best game, however no one had their best game Friday night. Grant it, we played one of the TOP teams in the state but we did not play them as well as we could. Reid was double teamed all night and played more as a blocker against this offense instead of them letting him go and run the tackle. As parents, we hate that for his stats....ha ha. But, he does what he is told to do for the team....and that is what matters most! As sick as he was....he played hard and stayed in the entire game. He was sooo disappointed, mostly in some of his teammates. They were not playing well and seemed to be making excuses. We have a few a few teachers that were on the sidelines for being "Teachers of the Week" and they had come up to us after the game to tell us how impressed they were with Reid's attitude. He was getting on to his teammates....but motivating them at the same time. He is a FIGHTER and NEVER gives up.....no matter what! That's my BOY!! Needless to say.....he was one down kid Friday night. He HATES to lose......
He did make a comment that the trainers "babied" him all night.....Ha Ha. I wonder why???

Here are some pics from the game....we played away.

The boys warming up

Coach Ratcliff praying with the linebackers

Our cheerleaders made another awesome sign

Our boys....


Let's go!!

Kick Off...under the Friday Night Lights!

We were losing pretty bad....but the cheerleaders had fun!

One frustrated and disappointed boy!

We will come back next week....and BEAT Granbury!!
Last home game of the season!

On Saturday, we headed out to my sisters town for my nephew Elijah's birthday party. It was an hour and a half drive one way.....ahhhh. Mom and Dad drove out there with us and Maddie brought her BFF Elizabeth.

Eli is 5!
My sister made his cake.....he LOVES tractors!

Eli blowin' out his candles....

We got him his first real football.....

Mom and my Hannah and Eli

Mom and Sis

Me, Mom and Sis

Me and Sis

My Mae Mae (Hannah Mae) and I

My sister and family

Dad, my s.i.l. Courtney and my brother Zach

Maddie, Hannah, and Maddie's friend Elizabeth being goofy!

With the long drive there and back....it was a LONG day. It was fun and it is always a blessing when we can all get together! Brant and Reid stayed home since Reid had been sick, and Brant got some major work done around the house. It was a bautiful day, so he worked in the yard....I will post pictures later this week!

On Sunday....we went to church, and then had a relaxing day at home. We came home and fixed chili dogs and watched Brett Favre and his Vikings lose their first game (frown). I LOVE Brett Favre , he is such a champion! I am really rootin' fo him this year!

It was MISSION ORGANIZATION for me today! I got our coat closet cleaned out and organized with all our winter coats, jackets, scarves, gloves and hats. Like we really need all of that in Texas, right? Ha! It was 85 degres today....but it could be 40 degrees the next day here. You never know! I also got a ton of laundry done and completely cleaned out my master closet. Ugh! Not fun....but rewarding when it is all done! I feel mush better....it is stressful for a girl to have a disfunctional closet!

Maddie had her select team's basketball practice today rom 4-6 today, so I was able to get go and hang out with my Mom friends and had some good laughs while we watched the girls practice! Then back home to watch some more football with the hubbie and Meagan (Reid's precious girlfriend) came over to watch the Cowboy game and stayed for dinner. Brant cooked chicken alfredo (love him so) while I finished up some more organizing and getting all the kids things ready for the school week. I even had time to bake some Blueberry Cheesecake Muffins for in the morning as we run out the door!

I finished just in time for Brothers and Sisters. I do not have a ton of time for TV and have to DVR almost anything I watch....but Sunday nights is the one night I sit down and watch Brothers and Sisters. Love, Love, Love that show. It so reminds me of my family! Ha Ha.

Well....I hope ya'll have a super FAB week!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll.......

Kelly is hosting "Show Us Your Fall Decorations" this week.


I LOVE FALL...and LOVE to decorate for Fall!

However, in Texas it sometimes feels like summer in October!

We have had a TON of rain this month in the DFW area!
And it has been cool for a few days and then hot and humid for a few days and then cool again!

Today it turned cool....let's hope it stays that way!

I LOVE fall foilage....and pumpkins.

This flag blew away in the storms we had last week......luckily one of my neighbors found it and returned it to me :)

I love the colors of Fall.....

I also did some new things with my mantle this year.

Found this cute "Give Thanks" sign at HobLob.

And these.....

glittery pumpkins....

My butlers pantry

My entry table.....

I always put out pics of the kids when they were younger on Halloween....

and notice how there is no candy "yet" in my basket. Well, there was but it has dwindled away.

I have never been one to decorate "scary".....or a lot of actual Halloween decorations. I do more fall stuff that can use through Thanksgiving.

I made this cute banner.....and it is hanging in the archway of our foyer.

It says Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a HAPPY and BLESSED Fall!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dreaming of FALL and BOOTS!!

It was starting to feel like Fall here in Texas for a few days....but now we are back to Spring weather. It will probably be FREEZING next week. That is what we deal with here! No wonder why my sinus and allergies are always confused??

FALL is my very FAV season....an I can not wait to pull out and sport all my boots. I can not have enough! Even though we only get use about 3 months a year here....WHAT? Just kidding....you can wear boots year round here....It's TEXAS YA'LL!

Of coarse every true Texas girl needs a traditional pair of these:

You can wear these in Summer with sundresses and skirts, and in Fall and Winter with jeans and leggings.

And I have a pair of these too! Every TEXAS girl needs a pair of cute Fat Baby boots! Love my red crocodile and cheetah boots! But the boots that I wear the most....are my BELOVED UGGS!!

I have to say.....mine are looking pretty dingy and worn out. I may have to break down and buy me a new pair this year.

Like these:

and these.....


So here are lots of new fall styles I am also eyeing. Some are super expensive, but I know the Frugalista in me can find them in a knock off version.
I have several heeled boots, so I am loving all the casual styles

And the new ankle shoe/boots are all the rage this season....Oprah called them SHOOTS! LOL!


Love these JUICY ankle boots.....$$$$

I am sooo ready for the FALL weather to get here to Texas and stay!!